Saturday Counter - Recruiting Demo - Report Back

UPDATE On Patchogue Counter Recruiting Saturday April 5

Karen Sackett reports:
"we had a great turn out - the usual 20 or so Eagles (counter-counter protesters
and about 50+ of us. The cops had pens set up to keep them on one side of
the court yard and us on the other. Emotions ran high, megaphones came out,
it ended up crazy. But we got the attention of this sleepy town."
We received this from Karen Sackett prior to the event:

A woman I met whose nephew is in Iraq began a group with her sister called "Operation Love Our Troops" where they go door to door collecting essentials for the soldiers. The sister received a phone call from a member of the Gathering of Eagles urging her to attend a demonstration in Patchogue tomorrow because a group there (us) will be demonstrating against the troops.

As you know, we will be demonstrating against recruiting tactics and against the occupation in Iraq.

Please try to make it tomorrow so our numbers are better than usual, and feel free to send the info out to your lists.

The Patchogue recruiting station is located at 116 E.
Main St., between Route 112 and N. Ocean Ave. and we
will be there from 11:00 am until 1:30 pm. The police
have told me they will keep the groups separate, and
we will maintain a peaceful non-confrontational
presence. If you have a video camera, please bring it.

Thanks so much for your help.
Karen Sackett

For info on future Counter Recruiting activity contact Karen at

Week of April 3

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Help Smith Haven Mall Arrestees - Funds Needed for Defense

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Counter Recruiting Schedule Revised Feb 14

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Plea for Help: LI Activists Raise Funds to Defend Arrestees

From Dennis Urlaub - Suffolk Peace Network:

LI Activist Community is raising money for two peace activists arrested on Saturday---CAN YOU KINDLY HELP?

By now most of you are aware of the fact that Susan McKeon Steinmann and Don Zirkel were arrested on Saturday afternoon, March 29, inside the Smithhaven Mall in Lake Grove. These two people of conscience were taking a stand against the immoral illegal war in Iraq by marking the occasion of the 4,000th American casualty in Iraq .

The walking into the Mall wearing t shirts that stated “4,000 Troops 1 Million Iraqis Dead” & the reading of the names of the American soldiers killed in Iraq were actions in which a couple of dozen people participated. While Susan was taken into custody by police because she continued to read the names after being warned not to, Don was arrested as he sat in the food court having coffee while still wearing the t shirt (the police had issued orders to people in the Mall to take off the t shirts when they were gathered in the middle cross walks). Susan was arrested at this central location as she read the names.

Both Susan and Don were released by the police after a short time & were given summons to appear in Court on May 22. At this point we are not sure what will transpire in Court but there are likely to be fines imposed on these two individuals that were making a stand for the LI peace movement.


A collection of funds is being made for them so that neither of them will have to pay the fines out of their own pocket. I believe this is the very least we can do. Any amount is appreciated. The suggestion was raised that IF more than enough money is raised to cover their fines that a small fund be maintained going forward to help defray the cost of other peace activists who may want to participate in such peaceful actions of disobedience in the future. Please consider sending a small amount in to help.

Checks are to be written out to— Long Island Counter Military Recruiting Committee. They should be sent to: South Country Peace Group

PO Box 246 Brookhaven , NY 11719-0246. Please note “legal fund” on the check.

Please be advised that there will be plans to have the LI peace community show up in Court on May 22 as a gesture of support and solidarity when Susan & Don have to appear.

Details will be forthcoming, but for now please make a note on your calendar. Thank you for your contributions and support.

Peace & Justice Calendar

UPDATED April 30

Scroll Down for details on the following events:

* May 2 (Friday): South Country Peace Group to meet with Rep. Tim Bishop 4:30 pm.

* May 3 (Saturday): Names of the Iraq War Dead: Reading in Sag Harbor 12 Noon - 6 pm

May 3 (Saturday): Demo Against Iraq War in Massapequa (Sunrise Mall) 2pm

* May 5 (Monday): May 5th, 7:15 pm - Suffolk Peace Network meeting at the UUF of Bellport.

Repeating Events:

* Sunday Book Group Meets from 6 to 8pm in Bridgehampton:

* Tuesdays: Bob Zellner Commentaries on WLIU 88.3

* Thursdays at Noon: Bill McNulty - News, Commentary, LI events for Peace & Justice

* Second Friday of Month: US Dept. of Labor Rep at OLA's Water Mill Office

* First Saturday of Month: Demonstration at Patchogue Recruiting Station 12-1:30 pm

* Every Thursday "The Thursday Night Group" in Bridgehampton 6:30 - 9pm

* "Herstory" Writing Workshops - TIMES AND PLACES WILL BE CHANGED - SEE DETAILS on Wednesdays in Farmingville (Spanish and English) 3 to 5 pm and Thursdays in Spanish only in East Hampton at 7 pm

* Second Tuesday of Month: South Fork Chapter of LI Progressive Coalition Meets in Water Mill at 6:30 pm


Details Follow:

May 2 (Friday): South Country Peace Group to meet with Rep. Tim Bishop 4:30 pm.

To join the group contact Dennis at

May 3 (Saturday): Names of the Dead: Reading in Sag Harbor 12 Noon - 6 pm

Reading of the names of the US troops who died in Iraq (as of April 22 there are 4045) will take place in front of the Sag Harbor Municipal Building on Main Street between 12 Noon and 6pm. You can take your turn during this time.

Contact Dan at 631-831-4966 to get on the schedule.

May 3 (Saturday): Demo Against Iraq War in Massapequa (Sunrise Mall) 2pm

Demonstration against the Iraq occupation at the Sunrise Mall (Westfield Mall),
Sunrise Hwy, Massapequa. Meet at the Wal-Mart located at the mall entrance at the corner of Carmans Rd. &
Sunrise Hwy.

We will definitely have T-shirts available at the demonstration; the suggested donation is $5.00. This demo organized by the Suffolk Peace Network.

For further information call Janet Egan at 631.424-4647

May 5 (Monday): May 5th, 7:15 pm - Suffolk Peace Network meeting at the UUF of Bellport.

Meeting is at the Unitarian Universalist Meeting House, 51 Browns Road, Bellport.

Send agenda items to

Repeating Events:

See Suffolk Peace Vigils for a complete list of weekly and monthly vigils.

See Counter - Recruiting Schedule for a listing of weekly and monthly demonstrations

Sunday Book Group Meets from 6 to 8pm in Bridgehampton:

January 13 through March 30, 2008

A small (fun) group meets to work through Julia Cameron's books and is starting "Walking in this World", the long-awaited sequel to The Artist's Way. Join in a 12-week 'journey of encouragement.' The book supplies exercises and tasks that have worked magic through the tools of Morning Pages, Artist's Dates, and Weekly Walks. Come to experience laughter, joy, and delight as we become ourselves in this safe place where we can share insights and get in touch with deeper feelings and truer thoughts.

If you would like to become part of the newly forming group, contact The Rev. Rose Ann Vita, Pastor, Incarnation Lutheran Church (631) 537-1187

Tuesdays: Bob Zellner comments on WLIU 88.3

Human Rights activist Bob Zellner is heard each Tuesday morning and evening during the news programs on WLIU Southampton.

Thursdays at Noon: Bill McNulty on WUSB 90.1 and

A review of the world W does not want us to hear and events on Eastern Long Island.

Second Friday of Month: Labor Dept Reps in Water Mill from 11am to 1 pm

Bilingual Latino representatives from the US Dept of Labor's Wage and Hour Division are available the second Friday of every month in the OLA office, from 11 a.m. - 1 p.m., to answer questions concerning workers' rights and to help workers--whether documented or undocumented--recover pay owed them. If your employer has not paid you for time you've worked or if you know someone in this situation, visit the OLA office at 1152 Montauk Hwy in Water Mill to find out what you can do. Call 631-726-6526 ( 726 - OLA6). ______________________________________________

First Saturday Each Month in Patchogue Recruiting Station at 12-1:30pm

This Saturday, March 1st, from noon until 1:30 p.m. help protest against military
recruiting in our public schools, against the lies told by recruiters to our sons and daughters,
and against illegal occupations in the Middle East and all over the world.

As we begin our 6th year occupying Iraq, our presence is needed in the streets to voice our
opposition to empire and the need for truth in recruiting.

Meet at the recruiting offices at 116 E. Main St. in Patchogue on Montauk Hwy just west of Route 112.

For more information, call 631-875-8647 or email


Thursdays in Bridgehampton: LIVING THE QUESTIONS: 7:30 to 9:00 pm

Begins February 7th

Living the Questions embraces an inclusive or progressive understanding of faith and is designed to wrestle with the basic questions that were often avoided by the dogmatic Christianity of our youth.

The features DVD presentations by 30 of today's leading progressive pastors and scholars. Presentation begins at 7:30. (Come early for community meal at 7:00 and/or quiet meditation at 6:30.)

Programs at Incarnation Lutheran Church on Montauk Highway at Hayground Road where Watermill meets Bridgehampton (631) 537-1187

more information: and Pastor Vita at


"Herstory" Writing Workshops in Spanish and English

Times and places for these workshops are being changed.
Contact Sandra Dunn at
631-723-0150 for more information.

Wednesdays in Farmingville:

Herstory Writers Workshop meets every Monday afternoon at the Farmingville branch of the Workplace Project from 3 to 5. Both English-speaking and Spanish-speaking women come together to share and shape their life experiences through memoir writing.
The workshop is conducted in both English and Spanish.

Call 631-723-0150 for more information and directions to the center.

Thursdays in East Hampton:

Every Thursday Spanish-speaking women come together to share their writing with one another and receive feedback on how to structure and shape their lifewriting. The East Hampton workshop is open to East Hampton Town residents and is conducted entirely in Spanish.

It meets every Thursday, 7-9 p.m., at the Senior Citizens Center, 128 Springs-Fireplace Road.

Call 631-723-0150 for more information. ___________________________________________

Second Tuesday each month: South Fork Chapter - LI Progressive Coalition Meets in Water Mill at 6:30pm

The regular monthly meeting of the South Fork chapter of the Progressive Coalition is at 6:30pm on the 2nd Tuesday of each month at the Lutheran Church on Montauk Highway & Hayground Rd. between Water Mill and Bridgehampton. Info: 516-541-1006, ext.55 or

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