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Brookhaven National Lab Racial Bias Suit Settled

A racial discrimination suit brought by an African-American employee of Brookhaven National Laboratory in Upton was settled last week after a trial held at Federal Court in Islip.

Malry Tardd of Quogue sued Brookhaven Science Associates who operate the Lab for the U.S. Department of Energy.

Mr. Tardd's complaint says management intentionally discriminated against him because of his race and the complaint says the Laboratory did nothing to prevent racially motivated attacks.

Previously Mr. Tardd filed a complaint of racial discrimination in hiring and promoting practices with the New York State Division of Human Rights.

After a settlement was reached with the Lab in 2001, Tardd says he experienced retaliatory attacks by fellow workers. Photos submitted as evidence showed a hangman's noose hung over Tardd's office door and a hat with the label "K K K" worn by fellow employees.

Tardd alleged that the Lab failed to investigate these and other incidents and that his supervisors along with the Laboratory's middle and top management who were co-defendants conspired to keep him from advancing.

Otto White, a black scientist and former Lab employee, who supported Tardd in his dispute with the Lab's management is also suing Brookhaven in a separate case.

Mr. Tardd's case went to a jury trial at Federal Court in Islip early this month.

Last week the case was 'settled to everyone's satisfaction' according to Tardd's attorney, Frederick Brewington. A public affairs spokesperson at Brookhaven Lab agreed but had no comment. Apparently the terms of the agreement preclude a statement from either side.


From a report filed for WPKN/WPKM News.
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"The Independent" - deja vu, etc.

UPDATED February 14

At last Friday's "Community Forum" in Bridgehampton, East End Independent newspaper owner Jerry Della Femina appeared to hear east enders including Shinnecock Tribal Trustees Randy King and Lance Gumbs, East Hampton Supervisor Bill McGintee and actor Alec Baldwin call for the firing of Independent Editor Rick Murphy.

A total of more than fifty people attended the meeting at the Hayground School on Mitchell Lane. There were no supporters of Mr. Murhpy's continuance as editor. There was some disagreement on how to persuade Mr. Della Femina to act. Some urged a campaign to get advertisers to withdraw.

For his part Mr. Della Femina stated that he would not fire Murphy, even though his wife, his daughter and a partner would be very happy if he did.
He promised that there would be 'a new Independent'. He will review each of Mr. Murphy's columns before they are published. He offered the group that organized the forum space in the newspaper to present their views.

When it was mentioned that Mr. Murphy's columns had met with criticism and protests in the past, Della Femina stated that it was news to him.
Apparently his memory is failing him. See below on protests in 2003 and 2004.

For those who have not noticed, Rick Murphy, the editor of a weekly newspaper on the east end and its owner, advertising exec Jerry Della Femina had to apologize this week for Murphy's incredibly sexist and racist columns aptly called, 'Low Tidings'. The columns featured caricatures of Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama and derogatory language.

Mr. Della Femina says it won't happen again. He won't fire Mr. Murphy but he will review his column each week. Does all this sound familiar?

from the April 8, 2004 East End Report

East End Independent Draws Ire of Shinnecocks and Non-Natives

Last fall a group of east enders visited the East Hampton/Southampton Independent newspaper office to complain about racist and insensitive language by the newspaper’s editor Rick Murphy. The protesters were branded “nitwits” by Independent owner Jerry Della Femina.

Last week’s Independent reported in their April Fools edition on a fictitious Fred Thiele survey which found that "95% of the people on earth hate Shinnecock Indians and want them to go away"

This attempt at humor prompted another protest Tuesday morning at the Independent’s office. The protesters included members of East End Women in Black, Eastern Long Island NAACP and the Southampton Anti-Bias Task Force along with Shinnecock tribal members.

They stood in silent witness with signs. One Shinnecock woman asked to speak with Independent Editor Rick Murphy. Apparently, Mr. Murphy did not wish to speak to Rebecca Genia, but was persuaded by a East Hampton Police officer to do so. The police had been called by the newspaper staff.

Tribal member Reverend Holly Haile Davis says “We listened as he refused to understand who she was and what she was doing there, assuming her to be just another nit-wit he'd encountered last fall”. Ms. Genia demanded that Mr. Murphy resign. Mr. Murphy declined.