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Missing Child Found

A Time to Remember

From United for Peace & Justice - Stop Funding War

End the Occcupation: Rally in DC

Worklink Center Update

Attention EH Dems

Hispanic Impact on LI Economy

Progressive Radio News Program May Be Axed

Quakers in the 21st Century: Meet Minimum Needs

Peace & Justice Calendar

Suffolk Peace Vigils

Long Island Climate Solutions Network - Calendar

Counter Recruiting Schedule

Alternative Media for Eastern LI

Democracy Now!

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Reverend Holly Haile Davis is the first Native-American woman ordained as a Presbyterian minister.

The program includes musical selections by the Thunder Bird Sisters and stories from the gospel according to some Native Americans.

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From United for Peace and Justice

UPDATED: May 30, 2007

Although the funding bill for Iraq was passed by the House, Rep. Tim Bishop (NY 1st C.D.) voted against the measure along with many Democrats.

May 23, 2007

Tomorrow (Thursday), Congress will vote on another $100 billion for the war in Iraq. We urge you to call your senators and representative NOW.

Call 202-224-3121 and ask to be connected to their offices.

Tell them to VOTE NO on the war funding bill.
Voting for it DOES NOT support the troops; it supports a disastrous war and occupation.


Also: you can email Rep. Tim Bishop at


Progressive Radio News Program May be Axed

UPDATED 7-03-07

Due to a change in management of the WPKN News Department, Free Speech Radio News, heard Mon-Fri at 6pm on WPKN 89.5 Bridgeport and WPKM 88.7 Montauk is scheduled to end on Friday July 13.
A new WPKN Evening news is scheduled to start Monday July 16.

This change has been scheduled to be discussed at a WPKN staff meeting on Tuesday evening July 17. Normally WPKN is run democratically by approximately 160 volunteers. The decision to terminate Free Speech Radio News was apparently taken unilaterally by the News Director.

Your input in the form of letters or your name on a petition will be helpful in restoring this broadcast.

If you listen to and value this news program which is produced by a collective "Pacifica Reporters Against Censorship" and funded by listeners,
please send your name, town or village and email address to


We will present the following statement with your name to the staff and the WPKN management:

"The daily world and national news program Free Speech Radio News is a valuable source of information not available from any other source on the airwaves. I urge you to keep Free Speech Radio News on the air."

If you would like to add a message to the WPKN staff .. send this along as well.

Worklink Center Update

Updated June 13:

The hearing on a suit launched by residents of Aldrich Lane against the Village of Southampton's plans to use the vacant lot
/ park next to the Seven-Eleven for a hiring site has been postponed again till June 27.

The suit was joined by Southampton Town and a counter suit was filed by day-laborers and the Coalition for a Work Link Center. The Coalition says First Amendment Rights of free speech and assembly would be violated if the park cannot be used as a location for hiring workers.

Mayor Epley and Family Harrassed; Village Board Passes New Law

In response to incidents of harrassment at the home of Village Mayor Mark Epley, the Southampton Village Board passed a new law on May 29 to prohibit 'targeted harassment' of individuals at their homes. The mayor's home has been the focus of several Saturday demonstrations by persons opposed to his plans to use the Aldrich Park near where day laborers gather for a regulated hiring site. At one of these demos, the Mayors teenage son was the target of the demonstators attention. No injuries were reported and no arrests were made by the police who were on the scene.

The law was passed with a 4-1 vote. The mayor and village Trustees, Bonnie Cannon, James Robinson and Nancy McGann voted in favor. Mayoral candidate James McFarlane was opposed to the law which he said was not Constitutional. Speakers at a public hearing prior to the vote spoke against the harrassment but not all were in favor of the law. Speaking for the Coalition for a Worklink Center attorney Mackie Finnerty said the group supports the mayor in his actions regarding the park as a site for hiring.

Hiring Hall ‘Open House’

Southampton Village Police will host an open house, particularly aimed at community members with questions or concerns about the proposed hiring site, on Tuesday, June 5, from 7 to 8 p.m. at the Village Police Department headquarters on Windmill Lane.

from WPKN News May 25: Hiring Center on Hold

A plan to create a hiring center for day laborers in Southampton is on hold after law suits were filed by those opposed to and in favor of the plan.

The proposal for a hiring center on a vacant lot where day-laborers gather was put together by a coalition of clergy, business people and advocates for latino workers. The operation of the center would be funded privately. In April Southampton Village Mayor Mark Epley ordered improvements to the property including a driveway for those picking up workers. But neighbors opposed to the plan and the Town of Southampton have sued the Village because they say the land must be used solely as a park. On Wednesday the group of advocates filed to intervene in the law suit. They are represented by the Puerto Rican Legal Defense Fund. Dominican Sister Margaret Smyth, an advocate for Latinos is the group's co-chair.

Sister Margaret says this is a first ammendment isssue.

"The men are entitled under our laws and Constitution to be able to gather to talk to each other and to seek employment."

Attorney Mackie Finnery, a member of the Coalition is also a party to the suit. She says:

"The law suit concerns my first ammendment rights to talk to the men and discuss their work; legal problems, health issues or anything that may arise as they are standing in this public park."

Attorney for the neighbors Anton Borovina says this is not a first ammendment issue. He says under state law the park land can not be used for any purpose but recreation. Borovina says having a hiring site on the land is not recreational.

After two postponments, the case is scheduled to be heard in New York State Court in Riverhead on June 27.

This report was prepared for WPKN News heard Monday-Friday at 6:30 pm at 89.5 Bridgeport and 88.7 Montauk.

Mayor Mark Epley declared he would help bring a regulated hiring site to Southampton Village by making modifications to land adjacent to Aldrich Lane, south of the 7-Eleven.

The land, which was purchased jointly by the Village and Southampton Town with Community Preservation Fund (CPF) monies, was intended to be a park. The law that established the CPF places limits on the purposes for which the land can be used.

Shrubs and a gravel driveway have been installed on the park land. The mayor has said that no public funds would be used and he is seeking donations to defray the cost. The lot has been closed off so that no one at present can use it.

A lawsuit was filed by William Berkoski and others, homeowners or renters on Aldrich Lane adjacent to the park. The suit asks for a temporary restraining order on the Mayor's plan. The order was granted April 27. The suit was joined by the Town of Southampton, whose board unanimously voted to sue the Village.

A follow up hearing on the case was scheduled but postponed twice. It is currently set for sometime in June at New York State Court in Riverhead.

An ordanance to prohibit people seeking work from congregating on certain streets and parking areas in Southampton Village has been drafted by the Mayor. It has not been brought before the Village Board and has been postponed at least until after the Village elections.

Meanwhile the Coalition for a Worklink Center announced in April that they are seeking part time help to manage the hiring process. Applicants will need fluency in Spanish. They will help coordinate between employers and workers and will do site maintenance and record keeping.

Those interested should contact Sister Margaret Smyth at 631-369-4601.

Quakers in the 21st Century: Meet the Minimum Needs of All

Another-- "A whole-nother" project brought to you by your friendly local Quaker meeting and I will BET that's the first time you've ever seen that word--that chimera-word --"a whole-nother" written down although you've heard it often enough. It has been a fugitive word: Spoken but unwritten until I just tamed it for you. You're welcome.

Click and watch Radh Achuthan's MMNA piece:


Erling Hope

Attention E.H. Democrats

Dear Fellow Democratic Committee member & friends:

The latest unsubtle salvo of East Hampton 's sterling record of innovative anti-immigrant bashing carried to artful virtue as the 2 articles below detail, is but to intrepidly protect the homeowner and livelihood of resident tradespeople according to Democratic EH Supervisor Bill McGintee. Many believe he ran his first campaign on an anti-immigrant coded platform, speaking out against lack of code enforcement at every venue. Everybody understood what and who he was targeting. He promised to make code enforcement his number one priority to root out overcrowded housing by enlarging the code enforcement office. It has expanded significantly since his winning Schneiderman's vacated seat. He often spoke in private (at several meetings I attended) against illegal immigrants driving out working families and especially their unfair advantage over law abiding contractors. Not surprisingly perhaps, he saw housing affordability as a policing problem.

At last month's EH Town Democratic Committee meeting he was sharply questioned and challenged by committee members about his continuing hostile and inflammatory references to "illegals immigrants," and publicly decrying illegals' sending their kids to public schools on the taxpayers' dime, forcing local taxes to rise unfairly on the already strapped fixed-income elderly. When I quoted from the Hagedorn Aldelphi study to try to refute several of his contentions, he replied that that study was hogwash, it didn't even count the added costs to the budget of having sewer trucks unload their contents at the town's waste recycling plant because overcrowded homes [of illegals] had to have their cesspools drained every other week because of overuse.

In the name of protecting consumers, he is again out scoring political points by having his chief code enforcement officer, Don Sharkey, take the lead on McGintee's anti-immigrant stance by code enforcement. You can be certain this is a decision made by the Supervisor, not his code enforcement officer. East Hampton , it seems to me, has artlessly avoided any lawsuit against its deserved reputation for open municipal unfairness toward Latino immigrants, "illegals" to EH's politicos, beyond any reasonable expectation.

In an other matter, dropping any pretense of subtlety, an Ecuadorian-American family was fined $14,000. in the housing court for having volleyball games without a permit, using a residential property for commercial uses (volleyball games and selling food out of their kitchens.) It seems code enforcement threw the book at them with 39 citations of building code infractions, not least of which was the finding of a knife in a daughter's bedroom, reportedly to be used for self-defense if attacked by other tenants. This same family was cited 4 years ago at another home which they rented for playing volleyball illegally, on Sunday afternoons after Mass, the parent's only day off working 12 hr. shifts in a kitchen at a EH eatery.

That these immigrants would follow their attorney's (but previously, EH town's attorney) advice to plead guilty is mind-boggling!

As our private pleas have fallen not just on deaf ears, but on ears determined to selectively filter out the reality of our social stratification by placing blame for economic difficulties of longer-term residents upon immigrants and nurturing resentment by official discrimination against them. It is now necessary for Democrats especially, to speak up publicly and shout from the roof tops against our town's policy of inhospitality and hostility against these men and women who have enriched our community and enlarged our economy.

We call upon these immigrants to watch our children, mow our lawns, clean our houses, stock the shelves of our stores and prepare the food in our restaurants and homes, yet we expect them to be invisible. It is more obvious than our noses that without this immigrant workforce, their taxes, their labor, their businesses, their savings, their consumer spending, the economy of our region would tumble into dire straights. To a tourist economy especially, their labor is utterly necessary and without them it would simply not function, but collapse into a depression of unforeseeable depth.

Not just as Democrats, but as sentient humans we must recognize the humanity of our immigrant neighbors with the same insistence we would demand for ourselves, for our long time resident neighbors, who have the same aspirations, needs, wants and hopes. They too want to live in a town that does not despise them, but affords them the same opportunities, protections and good will offered to all. Equity and justice demand we put an end to the official harassment and hostility to Latinos we have seen, continue to see and we know exists. The Democratic Party has a proud legacy of standing up for the underdog, defending the outsider, of welcoming the immigrant, of fighting for the working man and woman, of championing the civil and human rights of all.

Democrats profess that the cornerstone of an inclusive democracy is the belief that we all are created equal and therefore are endowed with inalienable rights. We must recalibrate our party platform to reflect the needs of our town through the lens of our Democratic principles in order to bring into sharp focus the earned and deserved welcome to recent immigrants and that they have a place at our table. If need be, we must consider an insurgent Democratic Party in East Hampton to fight the snobbery that tries to justify some people deserving of status and privilege while others deserve the short end of the stick based on accidentals of birth, religion, language, accent, shade of skin or status of immigration. As Democrats especially, we must speak up because we are in indisputable, if not entirely complete, position of power determining policy of municipal governance. We must speak up because we are all immigrant tenants of time journeying on this planet coursing through the Milky Way.

Michael O'Neill

Hispanic Contribution to our LI Economy

Adelphi University recently published this study of the economic impact of Latinos on the Long Island Economy. The study was funded by the Horace Hagedorn Foundation.

from the summary:

"As workers, consumers, entrepreneurs and taxpayers, Hispanics make important contributions to the Long Island economy. Hispanic residents add nearly $5.7 billion to total Long Island output as a result of their consumer spending.

Hispanic employment continues to grow very rapidly—increasing by almost one third from 2000 to 2004 alone—and Hispanic workers are an important presence in diverse regional industries, including Manufacturing, Accommodation and Food Services, Landscaping Services and Construction. Hispanic-owned business is also booming in the region, posting almost $2 billion in sales in 2002. In addition, Long Island Hispanic residents contribute positively to local government budgets. This study finds that Hispanics contribute $614 more per resident to local revenues than they receive in local expenditures on education, health care and corrections. "

link to the complete report

A Time To Remember

Long Island Groups Co-Sponsor Jones Beach Memorial Day Event on Saturday May 26

Peace & Justice Calendar - Starting May 24


For details on these events scroll down:

* May 24 (Thursday): LI Peace Summit - Leslie Cagan, Susan Blake, Thomas Brinson & others in Manhasset at 7:30pm

* May 25 (Friday): Slide Show - An Inconvenient Truth in Sag Harbor at 6pm

* May 26 (Saturday): Sing Out for Peace in Aquebogue at Noon

* May 26 (Saturday): (Pre-) Memorial Day Event at Jones Beach

* May 28 (Monday): Memorial Day Parade - March for Peace in Bellport at 11am

* June 4 ( Tuesday): Suffolk Peace Network Meets in Bellport at 7 pm

* June 10 (Sunday): Rally in DC- End the Occupation - Transportation

* June 10 (Sunday): Cultural Program in DC - Kathy Engel and Friends at 7:30pm

* June 15 (Friday): We Begin Here-Poems for Palestine & Lebanon in Sag Harbor at 6pm

* June 28 (Thursday): "Civil Liberties in a Time of War" Stan Gewanter, NYCLU Suffolk President in Huntington at 7 pm

Repeating Events:

* Second Friday of Month: US Dept. of Labor Rep at OLA's Water Mill Office

* Demonstration at Patchogue Recruiting Station 12-1:30 pm

* Every Thursday evening - Book Study Group in Water Mill

* "Herstory" Writing Workshops on Wednesdays in Farmingville (Spanish and English) 3 to 5 pm and Thursdays in Spanish only in East Hampton at 7 pm

* Second Tuesday of Month: South Fork Chapter of LI Progressive Coalition Meets in Water Mill at 6:30 pm

Details Follow:


May 24 (Thursday): LI Peace Summit - Leslie Cagan, Susan Blake, Thomas Brinson & others in Manhasset at 7:30pm

The Long Island Alliance for Peaceful Alternatives, Great Neck SANE/Peace Action, and Shelter Rock Forum Present the Long Island Peace Forum at the UU Shelter Rock in Manhasset.

Strategies to end the war in Iraq is the topic.
Keynote Speaker: Leslie Cagan, Director, United for Peace and Justice

Panel Discussion with representatives from LI’s peace community:

Susan Blake, PeaceSmiths - Thomas Brinson, Long Island Veterans for Peace - Peter Bronson, Veterans for Peace - Al Dorfman, Five Towns Forum - Carolyn Eisenberg, Hofstra University, LI Teachers for Human Rights - Rev. Mark Lukens, The Interfaith Alliance - Drew Mealing, Military Families Speak Out - Sr. Mary Beth Moore, Pax Christi LI - Lisa Tyson, LI Progressive Coalition - Dr. Hafiz Ur Rehman, President, Masjid Darul Quran Mosque - Rosalie Yelen, Code Pink LI

Moderator: Margaret Melkonian, LI Alliance for Peaceful Alternatives
Followed by Q&A

Unitarian Universalist Congregation at Shelter Rock, 48 Shelter Rock Road, Manhasset

May 25 (Friday): Slide Show - An Inconvenient Truth in Sag Harbor at 6pm

Sara Gordon will present "An Inconvenient Truth - The Slide Show" at Canio's Books at 290 Main St Sag Harbor on Friday May 25 at 6pm. It will combine slide show images and readings to explore the science and solutions of climate change and the psychology of human responses to this global challenge.

Info: saragordon@optonline.net

May 26 (Saturday): Sing Out for Peace in Aquebogue at Noon

Old Steeple Community Church (656 Main Road, Aquebogue) is hosting a "Sing Out For Peace at Noon" concert.

For further information, check out the web site http://www.peacebubble.org/ or locally, call Nancy at 516-635-1045


May 28 (Monday): Memorial Day Parade - March for Peace in Bellport at 11am

This Monday, May 28 join the South Country Peace Group as we once again march in the Bellport Memorial Day Parade as a presence of peace. Walk with us behind our banner with the name of our organization. Please be advised that this year as in the past several years, signs are not allowed (by the VFW sponsors of the parade).

Assemble in front of the Bellport Community Center on Bell St at 10:30 am or so. Bell St is one block south of S Country Rd. If you get there by 10:30 am, there should be parking available near the Chowder House (municipal parking). The parade starts at 11:00 am.

In this time of unending war we hope to get a larger presence as we parade through the Bellport community heading north up Station Rd. This event is one of great visibility for the peace movement & we need to be seen!! So why not give us 30 minutes or so of your time this Memorial Day weekend to make a statement for peace!!!

The SCPG suggests that people who march with us either wear black or wear a black armband. Not mandatory—just an idea, a way to express mourning for all those killed in wars. An expression of mourning is what Memorial Day should be about.

Info: Dennis Urlaub dmu7@optonline.net

June 4 ( Tuesday): Suffolk Peace Network & Vets for Peace Meet in Bellport at 7 pm

Suffolk Peace Network will meet jointly with Vets for Peace at the Bellport UU Meeting House on Browns Lane from 7 to 9:30pm

info: Karen at rksrc@optonline.net

June 10 (Sunday): Rally in DC- End the Occupation - Transportation

End the Occupation - Click Here for info on June 10 DC event


June 10 (Sunday): Cultural Program - Kathy Engel and Friends in Washington DC at 7:30pm

Kathy Engel, Sarah Browning, Richard Schaaf, Melissa Tuckey and more - tba.
at National City Christian Church, 5 Tomas Circle NW

June 15 (Friday): We Begin Here-Poems for Palestine & Lebanon in Sag Harbor at 6pm

Kathy Engel, Kathryn Levy, Naomi Lazard and Margaret Gibson will read from "We Begin Here - Poems for Palestine and Lebanon" edited by Kamal Ballata and Ms. Engel at Canio's Books, Friday June 15 at 6pm.

Info at www(.)caniosbooks(.)com


June 28 (Thursday): "Civil Liberties in a Time of War" Stan Gewanter, NYCLU Suffolk President in Huntington at 7 pm

On June 28, 2007 beginning at 7:00 pm, at a public meeting room in the Huntington Public Library (Main Street in Huntington Village, NY) Stan Gewanter (President of the Suffolk County Chapter of the NYCLU) will present an "interactive lecture" on the subject of "Civil Liberties in Time of War" for the Long Island Progressive Coalition's Patriot Forum.

All are welcome to attend. Questions and comments are encouraged, and "Polite Heckling" may be allowed, but no tomatoes or ripe fruits may be brought to or launched at the lecture.

There will be no admission charge, and the lecture will be videotaped for future airing on local public access television channels.

Info: Stan Gewanter Smgewanter@aol.com
Repeating Events:

See Suffolk Peace Vigils for a complete list of weekly and monthly vigils.

See Recruiting Schedule for a listing of weekly and monthly demonstrations
Second Friday of Month: Labor Dept Reps in Water Mill from 11am to 1 pm

Bilingual Latino representatives from the US Dept of Labor's Wage and Hour Division are available the second Friday of every month in the OLA office, from 11 a.m. - 1 p.m., to answer questions concerning workers' rights and to help workers--whether documented or undocumented--recover pay owed them.

If your employer has not paid you for time you've worked or if you know someone in this situation, visit the OLA office at 1152 Montauk Hwy in Water Mill to find out what you can do.

Call 631-726-6526 ( 726 - OLA6).

Saturday Demos in Patchogue Recruiting Station at 12-1:30pm

We will continue our regular protest in Patchogue on Saturday with informational leafletting against recruiters in our public schools and deceiptful recruiting practices. Signs, flyers, petitions will be provided.

Where: 116 Main St., Patchogue, west of Route 112, east of N. Ocean Ave.

When: 12:00 noon - 1:30 p.m. Come for 1/2 hour or the whole time.

Why: To make the public aware of military recruiting practices in our public schools. We want equal access into our schools alongside military recruiters with information regarding the realities of the military. We want an adult present when a student speaks with a recruiter.

Contact: 631-875-8647

Thursday evening Book Study Group in Water Mill at 7 pm

The Thursday night group invites you to a Lively discussion starting March 1.
"Saving Jesus (from the Religious Right)"

To view an introductory video, go to

Meeting begins at 7:00 pm with Taize (Candlelight, Silence, Simple Chants, Scripture), Simple Soup at 7:30 , DVD and discussion from 8:00 until 9:00

The group meets at the Lutheran Church at Hayground Road and Montauk Highway
on Thursdays at 7pm

Contact Pastor Vita at 631-537-1187 or pastorvita(at)verizon(dot)net
"Herstory" Writing Workshops in Spanish and English

Wednesdays in Farmingville:

Herstory Writers Workshop meets every Monday afternoon at the Farmingville branch of the Workplace Project from 3 to 5. Both English-speaking and Spanish-speaking women come together to share and shape their life experiences through memoir writing. The workshop is conducted in both English and Spanish. Call 631-723-0150 for more information and directions to the center.

Thursdays in East Hampton:

Every Thursday Spanish-speaking women come together to share their writing with one another and receive feedback on how to structure and shape their lifewriting. The East Hampton workshop is open to East Hampton Town residents and is conducted entirely in Spanish. It meets every Thursday, 7-9 p.m., at the Senior Citizens Center, 128 Springs-Fireplace Road.

Call 631-723-0150 for more information.

Second Tuesday each month: South Fork Chapter - LI Progressive Coalition Meets in Water Mill at 6:30pm

The regular monthly meeting of the South Fork chapter of the Progressive Coalition is at 6:30pm on the 2nd Tuesday of each month at the Lutheran Church on Montauk Highway & Hayground Rd. between Water Mill and Bridgehampton. Info: 516-541-1006, ext.55 or www (.)lipc(.)org

Sundays: Bush is a Liar Choir" rehearses in Lindenhurst from 7 to 9pm

Join political action singing group. Participate in songs regarding environment, anti-war, labor, multiculturalism, civil rights, and other issues. Sing historic songs of struggle and social change.

Contribute to the progressive movement while becoming culturally enriched. If you've ever wanted to be in a singing group, now is your chance! Experienced and non-experienced singers are welcome.

All we ask is that you are able to sing on pitch. We need sopranos!
Rehearsals take place, Sunday nights from 7:00 to 9:00 in Lindenhurst.

Call Lisa Fishbein at: (631) 957-4954

Please send event listings
for next week's report (PLAIN TEXT Please)

by 5 pm on Tuesday to


Suffolk Peace Vigils - starting May 23

This coming week's Peace Vigils are on:

Wednesday in Mastic-Shirley: 4:30 pm - Montauk Highway and William Floyd Parkway *

Friday in Sayville: 4pm at Railroad Ave and Main St

Saturday in Bellport: 11am at Station and South Country Roads

Saturday in Setauket: 11:00 am - Route 25A and Bennets Road

Sunday in Patchogue: at Sundown, Ocean & Main Streets (monthly)

* Wednesday vigil - contact: Susan at SMc1270236@msn.com ____________________________________________

East End Women in Black vigil for peace in the middle east and an end to the occupations of Palestine and Iraq on the first and third Sundays in Bridgehampton and Sag Harbor. The vigil started in August of 2002.

The next vigil is on Sunday June 3 at the Monument in Bridgehampton at 5pm.

Starting Sunday May 6 and continuing through the summer, vigils we be held at 5pm on the first Sunday each month in Bridgehampton and the third Sunday each month at the Sag Harbor Wharf.

More info at East End Women in Black web site or call 631-259-2482 _______________________________________________________

South Country Peace Group, South Country Women in Black and Pax Christi Sponsor a vigil in Patchogue on the last Sunday of each month. The next memorial candlelight vigil will be on Sunday, May 27 at the Four Corners in Patchogue—where Ocean Avenue crosses Main St/Rte 27A at sundown. There will be a reading of the names of those killed in Iraq . Organized by the South Country Peace Group, Bellport Women In Black and St Joseph the Worker Pax Christi. This event takes place on the last Sunday of each month at or right after sundown.

For update on time contact Dennis Urlaub at dmu7@optonline.net ________________________________________________

Veterans For Peace and Code Pink will vigil for peace on the second Saturday each month at the Armed Forces Plaza in Hauppauge in front of the Dennison State Office Building on Route 347. The next vigil will be Saturday, June 9 between 4:00 & 6:00 pm. To confirm and for more info: email to ltbrin@earthlink.net