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Southampton Town Board Delays Approval of Romeo Sub-Division

Call to Halt the Violence

Kathy Engel: Daily Instruction to My Self When the Bombing is there, responsibility here

Rev. Holly Haile Davis: I Denounce the Violence

Sunday July 30: Emergency Vigil in Bridgehampton

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Southampton Town Board Delays Approval For Romeo Subdivision

View of Cleared Land From Montauk Highway
In Southampton, a movement to preserve 13 undeveloped acres high above
Shinnecock Bay was given a lift Tuesday evening when the Town Board
postponed approval of variances on the property for 30 days. The land is
believed to be a sacred burial ground by Long Island native tribes.

Southampton Supervisor Patrick Heaney said the Board needs more
information about the project.

Town approval would have created a new sub-division. The delay will allow
more time for on-going efforts by the Town and Suffolk County for purchase
of the property for preservation.

Professor Emeritus John Strong of Long Island University is an historian
specialising in the Native peoples on Long Island. He spoke in favor of preserving
the land.

Dr. Strong said the archeological survey done at shallow depths was
"not as thorough as required". He said "Archeologists have a predictive model
for these burial sites, archaic burial sites about 4000 years old, and they tend to be
on the eastern slopes of high hills. Because these burial sites were sometimes 6 to 8
feet deep some kind of magnetic resonance survey should be done on it. "

Lisa Votino-Tarrant of Shinnecock spoke for the Inter-Tribal Historic Preservation
Task Force. She says approval of the sub-division conflicts with the Town's desire to
purchase the land from developer Robert Romeo.

She said "..the land was not preserved since Mr. Romeo was asking for too much money.
Now that they're sub-dividing it the land is worth a lot more. It's 13 continuous acres
overlooking Shinnecock Bay. It just has beautiful scenic and cultural value"

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Call to Halt the Violence

Letter sent to the Southampton Press on Monday, July 24:

To the editor:

Those who love peace and justice are sickened by the latest outbreak of useless destruction and death in Lebanon. In answer to a call from our sisters and brothers of Women in Black in Israel/Palestine we met last Sunday in a vigil sponsored by East End Women in Black at the
Bridgehampton monument. We will hold another vigil, again in response to the call from Israel/Palestine, at the same time and place next Sunday, July 30 at 5pm.

What is the war in Lebanon about?

Hizbullah, the Party of God, was founded in 1982 in response to a previous Israeli invasion of
Lebanon. Although some label Hizbullah as a 'terrorist' organization it is a significant force in Lebanon’s politics and a major provider of social services, operating schools, hospitals and agricultural services for thousands of Lebanese Shiites according to the US Council on Foreign Relations.

But Palestine is really the issue. The continuing Israeli land grab on the West Bank and its
attack on Gazans who can not leave their open air prison is the root cause of the violence.

Uri Avnery, former Israeli Member of Parliament and leader of the Israeli Peace Bloc (Gush Shalom) said last week that if an Israeli-Palestinian agreement had been achieved by now, Hizbullah would be no more than a local Lebanese phenomenon, irrelevant to Israel's situation.

One wonders what new 'terrorist' group in the Arab middle east this totally immoral US-backed and funded war will produce. It is immoral since the deaths on both sides will bring nothing but
more deaths rather than resolution of a conflict.

Let us call on Congress to demand the US change course. Let our country stand for a negotiated peace with justice.

If you agree, let Congressman Tim Bishop know and join us in Bridgehampton this coming Sunday.

Sigrid Meinel
Hampton Bays, NY

Tom Cowan
Riverhead, NY

Anthony Ernst
Southampton, NY

UPDATE: from Democracy Now! (www.democracynow.org)

As the Israeli attacks on Lebanon enter its third week, pressure is growing on the Bush administration to back an immediate ceasefire. On Capitol Hill 24 members of the House of Representatives have backed a resolution calling on the president to appeal to all sides in the current crisis for an immediate cessation of violence. The resolution also calls for the United States to send diplomats to multi-party negotiations. The author of the resolution is Democratic Congressman Dennis Kucinich.
House Concurrent Resolution 450 calls upon the President to appeal to all sides in the current crisis in the Middle East for an immediate cessation of violence and to commit United States diplomats to multi-party negotiations with no preconditions.

We can call on our Representative Tim Bishop to endorse this resolution.
Call his Southampton office at 631- 259 - 8450 or his Coram office at 631-696-6500.

Sunday July 30: Emergency Vigil for Cease Fire

In response to a call from Women In Black of Israel/Palestine
East End Women in Black will hold another vigil this coming
Sunday at the Bridgehampton monument.


SUNDAY JULY 30, 2006 at 5 p.m.
Bridgehampton Monument
Route 27 and Ocean Road
Info: 631-831-4966