Friday Nov. 9: Commemoration of Martyrs Service

Dear Friends,

This Friday, November 9, at 7:30 pm, in the Miraculous Medal Church in Wyandanch, we will hold the Commemoration of Martyrs Service, started back in 1992. It is by this service that we remember all those Central American and South American persons murdered by graduates of the School of the Americas. Not only does this service help us keep those victims in mind but it serves as a send off to those who will travel to Ft. Benning, the home of the SOA, on the very next weekend.

It should also be pointed out that during that week end there will be a local demonstration in front of Peter King's Massapequa office. He is the only congressperson on LI who favors the continued operation of the SOA.

Check the web site for full details on the King demonstration. Bill McNulty.

Week of November 8

Election Results (?)

US Fatalities in Iraq

Continuing the Tradition

Facing War: Nov 10-18 - Week Long Program at Riverhead Baptist Church

Federal Judge Rules Against Shinnecock Casino Plans

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Election Results(?)

Town Board elections in the Hamptons are still undecided after voters
went to the polls on Tuesday (*).

The race for Southampton Town Supervisor
saw incumbent Patrick Heaney place third in a four way contest. Republican Linda Kabot held a 70 vote lead over Democrat James Henry, but 684 absentee ballots will not be counted until next week.

Meanwhile James Henry launched a $25 million suit against Ms. Kabot charging that statements made in Kabot’s newspaper advertising were libelous. Kabot had cited Henry’s defense of the Bill of Rights as support for ‘flag burners’ and his 2004 arrest in Florida at a polling place.

The advertising did not say the charges were dismissed.

Democrat Anna Throne-Holst was elected to the Southampton Town Board along with Republican incumbent Nancy Graboski.

East Hampton the race between Democrat Supervisor William McGintee and Republican challenger Bill Wilkinson is still un-decided with McGintee holding an 8 vote margin.

Democrats Julia Prince and Pete Hammerle defeated Republicans with
comfortable margins for Town Board seats.

Suffolk County Executive Steve Levy, was re-elected with most of the votes. Twenty five percent of eligible voters cast ballots.

Mr. Levy, who has become a national figure in the debate about
undocumented immigrants told Newsday the election was his ‘validation’.


(*) Suffolk County Board of Elections Results

This report was broadcast on WPKN news heard Monday-Friday at 6:30pm
on WPKN 89.5 Bridgeport and WPKM 88.7 Montauk.

Continuing the Traditon of Injustice

To: Joe Shaw, Southampton Press
November 4, 2007
Dear Editor:

Judge Joseph Bianco's ruling in the Westwoods land case continues the tradition of injustice for the first peoples of this place and of this land.

In the 1600s land was 'sold' by natives who understood nothing of the concept of real estate. Sometimes the same land was 'sold' more than once by the same native to different English colonists. (See for instance John Strong's "History of the Algonquin People").

In the time in which Judge Bianco ruled that the Shinnecock people lost their 'aboriginal title' to Westwoods, the laws of the Connecticut colony which included the Southampton settlement forbid the sale of native lands unless approved by the colonial government in Hartford. The sale cited by the judge was illegal.

All this was brought before the court and was discounted by the judge.

That this was a political judgement was made clear by Bianco's gratuitous statement about the effects of a casino on traffic and by his statement that contrary to a ruling by the same court the Shinnecock Nation is not federally recognized.

If there was any further doubt about the political nature of the ruling it was dispelled by its timing; exactly one week before Southampton elected a new Town Board and weeks after a ruling was expected.

In sadness,
Tony Ernst