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UPDATE: Sentencing Postponed in John White Manslaughter Case

Questions about Sag Harbor Luxury Condos

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Sentencing Postponed in John White Manslaughter Case

UPDATED February 21

Shortly before Christmas, in December 2007, John White, 54 of Miller Place on Long Island was convicted of manslaughter in the death of Daniel Cicciaro a young man who had come to the White family's home with a group of youth who threatened Mr. White's son Aaron.

Sentencing was scheduled for Thursday February 21 at Criminal Court in Riverhead. But Judge Barbara Kahn granted a delay to March 19 requested by Mr. White's attorneys.

They said time was needed to review the recommendations of the pre-sentencing report.

In the trial the defense argued that John White had the right to defend his home and family and that the shooting was an accident.

On Thursday over 100 people, mostly in support of John White filled the court room and the hall outside.

The mother of the victim, Joanne Cicciaro told Long Island Newsday that the decision to postpone sentencing was unfair.

Speaking of John White she said "He doesn't want to go to jail. Obviously my son did not want to die"

An appeal in this case is being prepared and contributions to a Legal Defense Fund are being solicited.

Mr. White is supported by several Long Island NAACP Branches and by the Reverend Al Sharpton's National Action Network, the Nation of Islam
and 100 Blacks in Law Enforcement Who Care among others.

More about the case and the trial

Questions About Sag Harbor Luxury Condos

Editor, Sag Harbor Express:

I read in the Express that the luxury condos to be built over a brownfield site may have no environmental review as required by the NY State DEC. At least that is the plan Village officials seem happy with. But that's not the end of the story.

Last year when it seemed that some answer was required to the County's requirement for 20% of the condos to be "affordable", the Sag Harbor Village Board came up with a "Community Housing Fund". This was to
finance housing outside that development in lieu of the 13 units on-site that would be required. Simultaneously it was announced that the developer had already pledged to donate money to this fund.

The money pledged, since increased to $2.275M, would hardly cover the cost of the land - if land could be found - on which to build the housing.

What private conversations between officials and developer occurred before this joint announcement?

Why was this private meeting proper but a meeting between a Zoning Board member and a housing advocate not?

Maybe the Village attorney, who previously represented Ira Rennert, could explain.

The Bulova project will add to the list of expensive housing available for prospective second home buyers while our teachers, police and firemen are squeezed out of the housing market.

My grandchildren who grew up in Sag Harbor have, we hope, a bright future. One is now at Pierson High, the other at college. The latter says she wants to be a teacher.

Their mother moves from one seasonal rental to another. Will her offspring do their thing in Sag Harbor?

Fat chance.

Tony Ernst