Afghanistan: Going Through the Tragic Motions

Dear Tim Bishop: 
I just read your statement to the House re the death of Lt. Theinert. It is time to acknowledge that the war in Afghanistan is an immoral war, a war that has no justification other than to line the pockets of those who are profiting by it. They do not include the friends and neighbors of that innocent soldier. We are all culpable in his death. I urge you to call for the end to this folly!
 sincerely, Tony Ernst
 Democratic voter from Southampton 

Bob Herbert in the New York Times: 

There is no good news coming out of the depressing and endless war in Afghanistan. There once was merit to our incursion there, but that was long ago. Now we’re just going through the tragic motions, flailing at this and that, with no real strategy or decent end in sight.... more 

East Hampton Star: Shelter Island Soldier Remembered

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