Bill McNulty: some questions

Friends, Do you realize the significance of the Wisconsin battle? 
Do you further realize:

  •  that this is a classic example of dividing the population?
  • that the power structure thrives on such division?
  • that Wisconsin is the test case for this kind of action throughout the Country?
  • that deficits have been created to enable this kind of action? 
  • that what's left of the New Deal is at stake? 
  • that the Obama Deficit Commission played right into this on a National level? 
  • that the current financial atmosphere was the result of criminality on Wall Street?
  • that what is good for Wall Street is not good for Main Street?
  • that a union is a union, public or private?
  • that war-making is a means of making money for the same class that just got the massive tax break?
  • that tax breaks for some are the name of the game all of the time?
  • that rapacious capitalism depends on war-making?
  • that there are still unanswered questions regarding 9/11?
  • that Wisconsin is an extension of Reagan and the Air Traffic Controllers?
  • that Democrats along with Republicans cooperated in deregulating us to the point they did?
  • that all the Trade Agreements have only the well being of capital as their concern?
  • that An\America has no friends, only interests?
  • that we are at the mercy of the Complex Eisenhower described?
  • that we better all work together or we will all sink together? 
  • that this list is not complete and that you can add much more to it?
And, that we better get together and do it before it's too late.

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