Monday July 5: Tea Party at Southampton Independence Day Parade?

The group Organizing For America say that members of the "Tea Party" activist group have threatened to harass U.S. Congressman Tim Bishop at this year's Independence Day parade which will be held on Monday July 5.  Marchers as usual assemble on streets running south from the railroad station.  The OFA are asking for counter-demonstrators in support of Mr. Bishop who will be running for re-election against a Republican candidate - who to our knowledge has yet to be selected.

sent from Organizing  For America:
Southampton Parade on July 5th targeted by Tea Party
Can we be bigger, better, louder (and smarter) than the Tea Party?  YES WE CAN!

On Monday, July 5, the Tea Party is going to try to embarrass Congressman Tim Bishop by showing up in large numbers to boo him at the annual Parade in the Village of Southampton.  We need you and other east end volunteers to come to the parade and show your support for Mr. Bishop.  Learn more about the Tea Party's plans for the Southampton Parade on their website:

check it out!

The press loves to report on this type of event.  Bishop supporters outnumber Tea Party supporters but if we remain the silent majority and don't show up, the media and the public won't know that.  What if a Tea Party candidate wins Mr. Bishop's seat in Congress?  What will happen to the East End?

Sunday July 4: East End Women in Black Vigil to End the Gaza Blockade

Sunday July 4 at 5pm
Monument at Ocean Road and Rte 27 in Bridgehampton.

Israeli government says they are easing the blockade but
news reports indicate that no significant change has occurred.
Vital agricultural and construction needs are still blocked.

See Free Speech Radio News;

The Guardian: Editorial - Gaza State of Siege
The real shortages in Gaza – medical instruments, aluminium, steel and cement – may not be addressed. A blockade that the US, Britain and the EU all insist is "unacceptable and unsustainable" could thus be set to continue.