Week of June 12

"Who can protest and does not, is an accomplice in the act" Talmud ( Sabbath, 54b)

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Stop the War Mall Tour

Preserving Gravesites - Meeting Thursday June 12 at 7pm in Bridgehampton

Suffolk Legislature Votes on Worker Status Legislation

Building Burma

Common Cause: Deal or No Deal for Telecom Co's Spying

Peace and Justice Calendar

Suffolk Peace Vigils: East End Women in Black - Sag Harbor 5-6 pm Sunday June 15

Casualties in Iraq

WPKN/WPKM East End Programs for download - Listen for East End Ink Thursday June 19 at Noon - Sacco and Vanzetti - songs and spoken word

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Preserving Gravesites

On Tuesday June 10 members of the Inter-tribal Historic Protection Task Force which includes the Unkechaug and Shinnecock Nations on Long Island spoke to a group of people from the local Southampton community and from the Shinnecock and Poospatuck Reservations. They urged their listeners to support efforts to enact grave protection legislation. They were joined by two members of the Lakota Nation from South Dakota speaking about the struggle to preserve the sanctity of the Bear Butte sacred site in the Black Hills.

New York State is one of four states that have no legislation prescribing what is to be done when unmarked gravesites are un-earthed. This has led to many gravesites winding up under newly constructed housing developements.

A bill known as the "Unmarked Burial Site Protection Act" introduced by Steven Engelbright has been introduced in the New York State Legislature for the last two years but has yet to pass both the Assembly and the State Senate.

A meeting at the Hayground School on Mitchell Lane in Bridgehampton is scheduled for 7pm on Thursday June 12. Posh Camp and Vic Camp of the Lakota and Elizabeth Thunder Bird Haile of Shinnecock, along with Kathy Engel of Sagaponack will talk about honoring and preserving sacred places.

The Inter-Tribal Historic Preservation Task Force can be contacted at PO Box 1404, Southampton New York 11969 and contributions can be sent to that address.

Suffolk Legislature Votes on Worker Status Legislation

A new Suffolk County, New York, law requiring licensed contractors to verify their employees are legal residents was invalidated by a New York State Supreme Court Judge last Monday. Latino advocates say attempts to re-introduce the law would be a disaster for the local economy as well as for both legal and un-documented immigrants.

Judge Ralph Costello of New York Supreme Court ruledthat the bill, IR 1105, was improperly reported out ofcommittee and therefore the vote to approve the bill was invalid. Luis Valenzuela of the Long Island Immigrant Alliance says the proposed law is anti-immigrant, anti-business and unnecessary:

Valenzuela stated

"Laws already exist that .....cover workers eligibility and employers obligation to collect payroll tax, workman's compensation, etc"

Valenzuela says that a climate of fear is driving immigrant workers into the shadows. As a result they are more easily exploited. What is needed is enforcement of existing laws applicable to all workers.

"The way to level the playing field is to make sure that worker protection laws are enforced and that they are applicable to both native born and foreign born workers."

IR 1105 was passed last month by an 8 - 3 vote and signed into law by Suffolk County Executive Steve Levy on May28. Prior to the vote Legislator Jay Schneiderman, a Republican of Montauk told opponents of the bill that although it might be offensive to some he could not vote against it.

Schneiderman said "It's difficult to vote against a bill that says you've got to follow the law. It's as if I'm sending the message that it's OK to break the law."

An alternate bill introduced by Suffolk legislator Jon Cooper, a Democrat of Lloyd Harbor, is being considered in committee. The Cooper bill would require licensed contractors to verify they pay workers' compensation insurance, minimum wage and applicable taxes.

From a report broadcast Friday June 6 on WPKN News heard Monday-Friday at 6:30 pm on WPKN 89.5 Bridgeport / WPKM 88.7 Montauk and wpkn.org.

UPDATE: Another bill introduced by Jon Cooper which will have the county use the e-verify system in a pilot program was approved by the legislature on Wednesday June 10. Also the legislature voted to challenge the court's ruling on IR1105.

For more details and further updates visit LongIslandWins.com

Building Burma

Shruti Ganguly from India is a classmate of Hazel Kahan of Mattituck. Ganguly and a group of passionate young professionals from around the world are teaming up to tackle complacency and raise funds to assist Doctors Without Borders and their efforts in Burma.

As she mentions in her blog, "It is a crime against humanity to be comfortable in our own skins and not make this disaster our problem. And that is all we are asking of you. Start to care. Talk about it. And act."

You can read more of her blog at http://buildburma.blogspot.com or visit the Build Burma website at http://www.buildburma.org