East End Women in Black Observe 5th Anniversary of Vigil

On Sunday, August 19 at 5pm at the Sag Harbor Wharf, East End Women in Black started the sixth year of a vigil for peace in the middle east and an end to the Israeli occupation of Palestine and the US occupation of Iraq.

Women in Black was founded by Israeli and Palestinian women during the first Intifada, as a partnership transcending enforced allegiances and violent militarism within their 2 societies. They stood silently in weekly vigil together, seeking rational, justice based solutions. East End Women in Black was formed in solidarity with them, under the initiative of Kathy Engel, by 5 women during the summer of 2002.

Weekly vigils shortly followed at the flagpole in Sag Harbor, one of its portals of entry. Each Sunday at 5pm, both men and women gathered for one hour of silent presence supporting universal human rights and against both the Israeli Occupation and the American Occupation of Iraq. For 5 years, the vigil has been continuous, now twice monthly in Bridgehampton and Sag Harbor.

East End Women in Black is on the web at http://eewib.blogspot.com

Week of August 16, 2007

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East End Women in Black Observe 5th Anniversary of Peace Vigil

August 25 in East Hampton - March, Rally for Peace & Justice

Update on Sag Harbor Housing and Bulova Project

Erase Racism: Invitation to Dinner and 'Excercise'

Jeff Halper of Israeli Committee Against House Demolitions on WUSB 12:30pm Thursday August 16

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Jeff Halper: A Jewish Voice for Peace
originaly broadcast July 19

Jeff Halper of the Israeli Committee Against House
Demolitions tells about his work and explains the reality of the Israeli occupation of Palestinian lands.

Rev. Holly Haile Davis and the Thunderbird Sisters at the Southold UU
Originaly broadcast on March 29.

WPKN presents the Reverend Holly Haile Davis and the singing Thunder Bird Sisters of the Shinnecock Nation on Long Island. The program was recorded as they led the Sunday service at the First Universalist Church of Southold, New York on January 14 of this year.

Reverend Holly Haile Davis is the first Native-American woman ordained as a Presbyterian minister.

The program includes musical selections by the Thunder Bird Sisters and stories from the gospel according to some Native Americans.

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Originally broadcast April 15, 2007. Interviewer: Ken MacDermotRoe


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Sag Harbor: Update on Bulova Condos

The Sag Harbor Planning Board held a public meeting on the Bulova Factory condos project last Wednesday, August 8 at 4pm.

From all reports, it appears that the planning board members are leaning strongly towards giving the developers what they want: carte blanch to build luxury housing units without any lower cost units which local public servants could afford.

Those lower income residents of Sag Harbor who make up the staff of the schools, police and fire departments were referred to by those who spoke for the developer as "the poor" who would not be able to afford the carrying charges, etc.

Suffolk County has told the owners of the Bulova Factory, "Sag Harbor Partners" to include 20% affordable housing on-site. Since the project is on Route 114 they have jurisdiction. But the Village Planning Board or Board of Trustees may be able to overide the County directive.

In place of constructing affordable units the developer has pledged to contribute $ 1.3 million to a housing Trust Fund announced by the Mayor only a day before the developer was said to have made the offer (according to the Sag Harbor Express).

According to a Sag Harbor resident who attended the meeting, "No one pointed out that the Village can't possibly provide 16 comparable units for that price."

The condo project as planned will have a pool, private on-site parking and a common area. The cost of the clean up of the contaminated area is said to be on the developer. Because of the great cost of remediation it is said that it would not be economically possible to build lower cost units.

A representative of the Group for the East End, Jeremy Samuelson said that the Village missed the boat when it failed to go to the Federal EPA for funds to do the clean up. The area between Rte 114 and Main St in downtown Sag Harbor was once used to fabricate the cases for time pieces made with radium, a naturally occuring source of low level radiation.

At the same time the Village Trustees are considering an Inclusionary Zoning ordinance with 20% on-site affordable housing. A coalition of community members organized by the Long Island Progressive Coalition's South Fork Chapter is proposing a four point plan. This includes a 25% affordable housing requirement for large housing developments, on-site ie. integrated low cost and market rate units, a density bonus for developers so that they have an incentive to build the units and a mandate for having the units 'affordable' in perpetuity.

Members of the Coalition are presently canvassing Sag Harbor village, collecting signatures in support of their plan. They are planning to be at the Sag Harbor Post Office and on Main Street Saturday mornings on August 25 and September 8. On Monday, September 10 at a Sag Harbor location to be announced an open meeting of the coalition will be held

If you wish to join this effort you are invited to contact the Coalition by phoning 725-1149 or emailing jonathon@lipc.org.

Erase Racism: Invitation to Dinner and 'Excercise'

Dear Friends of the ABTF and Members,

The Town of Southampton Anti-Bias Task Force is pleased to invite you to a special evening program with the ABTF and Elaine Gross, President of Erase Racism, on Thursday, August 23rd at Southampton Cultural Center . Free buffet dinner will be served at 5:30pm and the program will begin at 6:00pm. This event is free to attend and participate.

The evening will include dinner, Q&A with Elaine Gross, an exercise from the Unraveling Racism workshop, presentation to past “Unraveling Racism” workshop graduates who reside in the Town of Southampton by members of the Town Council, and answers about who the ABTF is and how you can get involved.

The “Erase Racism” workshop objectives are to:

· Provide a framework and common language for genuine dialogue about racism.

· Clarify the historical, political and social context for racism in the United States

· Uncover the systemic linkages among various forms of oppression.

This special program is for residents, from all Ham lets and Villages of Southampton.

Please invite and circulate the attached invitation to friends and associates you think may be interested in participating, and ask those who plan to attend to either e-mail (LMVotino@optonline.net) or leave a message at 283-6000 x 1922 .

Thank you,

Lisa Votino-Tarrant

Secretary, Town of Southampton Anti-Bias Task Force


About Elaine Gross

Ms. Gross has nearly 30 years of experience in research, program development and evaluation at public and private agencies in the U.S. Throughout her career, Ms. Gross has focused on exploring the systemic causes of social, political, and economic inequities and finding ways to counteract those inequities. Ms. Gross was hired by the Long Island Community Foundation to launch the ERASE Racism Initiative in June 2001. Ms. Gross has successfully led ERASE Racism, bringing together a cross section of Long Island leaders to discuss and formulate remedies to persistent regional inequities, resulting from imbedded institutional racism in health, education, and housing. In 2004, ERASE Racism became an independent New York State not-for-profit corporation