Erase Racism: Invitation to Dinner and 'Excercise'

Dear Friends of the ABTF and Members,

The Town of Southampton Anti-Bias Task Force is pleased to invite you to a special evening program with the ABTF and Elaine Gross, President of Erase Racism, on Thursday, August 23rd at Southampton Cultural Center . Free buffet dinner will be served at 5:30pm and the program will begin at 6:00pm. This event is free to attend and participate.

The evening will include dinner, Q&A with Elaine Gross, an exercise from the Unraveling Racism workshop, presentation to past “Unraveling Racism” workshop graduates who reside in the Town of Southampton by members of the Town Council, and answers about who the ABTF is and how you can get involved.

The “Erase Racism” workshop objectives are to:

· Provide a framework and common language for genuine dialogue about racism.

· Clarify the historical, political and social context for racism in the United States

· Uncover the systemic linkages among various forms of oppression.

This special program is for residents, from all Ham lets and Villages of Southampton.

Please invite and circulate the attached invitation to friends and associates you think may be interested in participating, and ask those who plan to attend to either e-mail ( or leave a message at 283-6000 x 1922 .

Thank you,

Lisa Votino-Tarrant

Secretary, Town of Southampton Anti-Bias Task Force


About Elaine Gross

Ms. Gross has nearly 30 years of experience in research, program development and evaluation at public and private agencies in the U.S. Throughout her career, Ms. Gross has focused on exploring the systemic causes of social, political, and economic inequities and finding ways to counteract those inequities. Ms. Gross was hired by the Long Island Community Foundation to launch the ERASE Racism Initiative in June 2001. Ms. Gross has successfully led ERASE Racism, bringing together a cross section of Long Island leaders to discuss and formulate remedies to persistent regional inequities, resulting from imbedded institutional racism in health, education, and housing. In 2004, ERASE Racism became an independent New York State not-for-profit corporation