Sunday, April 11, 2-6pm
Bay Street Theatre, Sag Harbor, NY
$10 at the door
You must walk with life or you will be left behind.
Senegalese proverb
On Sunday, April 11th, the public is invited to the premiere screening of Kenny Mann’s latest documentary film, WALKING WITH LIFE – THE BIRTH OF A HUMAN RIGHTS MOVEMENT IN AFRICA.  The screening of the 40mn documentary will take place at Sag Harbor’s Bay Street Theatre.   Doors open at 2pm.  Preceding the screening, the Balafon Band from Senegal will play traditional Senegalese music on stage.  The screening will start at approximately 3pm, followed by a Q and A.   The afternoon continues with a reception, dancing and 50/50 raffle.  Tickets are $10 at the door only.
Whisked from the placid villages of the Casamance to the harsh desert of the Fouta and the teeming streets of Dakar, viewers of WALKING WITH LIFE become eye-witnesses to the empowerment of people through human rights education.
Since 2006, Kenny Mann has been traveling to Senegal to document the work of the award-winning NGO known as Tostan, with headquarters in Dakar. The word “Tostan” is from the Wolof and means “breakthrough” or “the hatching of an egg.”  Founded by Executive Director Molly Melching, an American who has lived and worked in Senegal for over 30 years, Tostan uses African dance, theatre, song and poetry to lead the largely illiterate Muslim population toward their own understanding of democracy and human rights.  Once people understand that their human rights are included in their country’s constitution, they realize that they can make demands of their government, as well as improve their own lives and that of their home communities. 
The most dramatic outcome of the program is the decision by women to abandon the customs of female genital cutting and forced early marriage – both violations of the human rights to good health and to a life free of discrimination.  Their public declarations are held before the media, government officials, donors, villagers, religious leaders, and participants from Mali, Burkina Fasso, Mauritania and Guinea. Accompanied by the dynamic music of traditional drummers and dancers, they are a thrilling testament to the power of the exploding human rights movement in West Africa.  
 WALKING WITH LIFE illustrates how Tostan’s staff – which is 99% African – builds partnerships with local religious, political and community leaders, forming community management committees whose decisions are based on the human rights framework.  Health, hygiene, girls’ education, citizenship and environmental issues are commonly addressed.
 “I was born and raised in Kenya, where both my parents were deeply involved in ‘development aid,’ says Ms. Mann.  “I saw so many well-intentioned programs flounder because they just didn’t understand African culture, and I had many questions about aid efforts in general.”  Ms. Mann decided to document Tostan’s work because, as she claims, it works.  “I believe that Tostan has found a way to form true partnerships that transcend ethnic, racial and international boundaries.”
WALKING WITH LIFE is the umbrella title for three related documentaries, all available on one DVD.  The second film, titled TOSTAN: BUILDING PARTNERSHIPS THROUGH HUMAN RIGHTS EDUCATION, reveals Tostan’s profound philosophy after more than 30 years in the field in West Africa.  The Third film, HUMAN RIGHTS CITIES: Paths To Peace, documents the formation of cities around the world that pledge to run all aspects of city government within the human rights framework.  The process is documented in Thiess, Senegal (Tostan) and Washington, DC – the first Human Rights City in the USA (American Friends Service Committee).

The trailer for WALKING WITH can be viewed at 

For further information, please call Kenny Mann, 646 479-5884 or 631 725-2620.

Housing Advocate Gerry Mooney Honored by Long Island Progressive Coalition

East Hampton housing advocate Gerry Mooney was honored on Saturday March 27 by the Long Island Progressive Coalition at their annual luncheon for his work in developing and managing low cost housing for families and seniors.

Mooney manages three privately developed housing projects in East Hampton Town and is instrumental in developing another project which has been in the planning stage for 10 years. 

Mooney says that planning on the east end has not considered how people who service the homes of the wealthy will be housed.

Residents at the existing housing units pay a maximum of 30% of their income for rent. Another senior housing development is a joint project of Windmill Housing, a non-profit corporation and St. Michaels Church in Amagansett.  
Objections to the project have slowed its approval by the East Hampton Town Zoning Board.
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Your local Food Pantry Needs Your Help:

Here are some links to organizations providing services on eastern Long Island:

East Hampton  Food Pantry:

Sag Harbor Food Pantry

Montauk Food Pantry at
St Therese of Lisieux
55 South Etna Avenue, Montauk, NY

Island Wide:
Long Island Cares/ The Harry Chapin Food Bank:
Mobile Pantry
Homebound Senior and/or Disabled Veteran
Unable to travel to stores/pantries in area
No source of accessing transportation
Limited income and resources
***Long Island Cares Mobile Pantry Unit delivers bi-weekly a supply of five days worth of food to eligible participants. ***
If you meet the criteria listed above and have no other resources to get food please contact 631-582-3663×109

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