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We Say Imus Must Go

Letter to Southampton Press

The Trial Begins ....

Shinnecock Nation Holds Election on Reservation

Photo Exhibit: Through The Seasons on Quail Hill Farm

National Day of Climate Action in Riverhead

WeBegin Here: Poems for Palestine and Lebanon

Peace & Justice Calendar

Suffolk Peace Vigils

Long Island Climate Solutions Network - Calendar

Counter Recruiting Schedule

Alternative Media for Eastern LI

Democracy Now!

Non-corporate news hour with Amy Goodman and Juan Gonzalez:
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Special Program: Gordian Raacke on WPKN Sunday April 15 10:00 PM "Going Solar" - In this special program, our guest, renewable energy expert Gordian Raacke, will explain how solar energy systems can be used in existing homes to generate electricity for appliances, as well as, heat for hot water and space heating. You'll learn how much energy these systems can create, how much typical systems cost, what tax credits and rebates are available and how much theymight reduce your energy bills.

Interviewer: Ken MacDermotRoe
Info at http://mdrtalk.org

or more Information on Peace Activism on LI

see North Fork People of Conscience at www(.)nfpofc(.)blogspot(.)com

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We Say Imus Must Go!

We recieved the message below from the Eastern LI Branch of the NAACP:

Hazel N. Dukes, President of the New York State NAACP demands that Imus be fired for his racist and sexist comments about the Rutgers University women's basketball team and the show's executive producer Bernard McGuirk, who joined in with his on-air racist comments should go as well.

"There is no excuse, nor is there any humor in these racist, sexist descriptions and the only apology that will be accepted is for them to be fired," said Dukes. "The women on the Rutgers University basketball team are talented women, college students who deserve to be respected."

"MSNBC which carries the Imus radio show is just as culpable as WFAN-AM radio station, and they should drop Imus immediately."

"The NAACP has fought racist description of African-Americans in the media since the beginning of the Twentieth Century with the racist movie "Birth Of A Nation" and we will not be silent when it occurs in the Twenty-First Century."

The New York State NAACP will be joined by the New York Chapter of the Coalition of One Hundred Black Women and ACORN on Tuesday, April 10, 2007, at 30 Rockefeller Plaza to demand the firing of Imus and Bernard McGuirk.

For more information,
Contact: Hazel N. Dukes, President
NYS Conference of NAACP Branches
212-344-7474 ext. 103

We all should join the NAACP in demanding an end to the racist and sexist descriptions of African-American women and all people of whatever color who are made fun of and called names by a Mr. Don Imus. Over the years this paragon of un-politically correct invective has made fun of many ethnicities. As Yasur Arafat was being buried Mr. Imus informed his listeners that Palestinians were animals. Those who protested that ugly slur were told by a NBC exec that although the remark was unfortunate, they would continue to broadcast the Imus show. Perhaps now will be the time for advertisers to realize that their message should not be tied to messages of hate.

Letter to Southampton Press

Dear Editor:

I believe the newest immigrants deserve the chance our ancestors had when they came to these shores. The federal government is unable to enforce what are unjust laws. Jobs can travel across borders legally but workers must travel without documents or their families starve.

Mayor Mark Epley will not stem the tide of those escaping poverty, the drug wars and civil unrest in Latin America. He will help bring order out of chaos in our town if we all support his sensible plan for a hiring site in the commercial hub of Southampton Village on North Sea Road.

Anthony Ernst

The Trial Begins...

April 10, 2007

East Hampton Justice Court

'The People' v. Dan Steiger.

Dan Steiger of Sag Harbor was arrested while protesting the Iraq war on Main Street of East Hampton Village on April 15, 2006. Charges are Disorderly Conduct (2 counts) and Resisting Arrest (1 count). Mr. Steiger pleaded Not Guilty to these criminal charges and so a jury trial was in order. Other protesters arrested the same day were charged with misdemeanors and their cases have yet to come to trial.

On Tuesday April 10 there were more people present (35) in support of the defendant Dan Steiger than there were prospective jurors (21). The attorneys for the defense (Joseph Gianinni and James Henry) and the prosecution (Assistant Suffolk DA John Halverson) rejected all potential jurors except two. Six jurors are required.

The trial was re-scheduled by Justice Catherine Cahill for June 19 when the whole process starts again.

Early in the proceedings Conor Wolfe who was also arrested while protesting last April 15 entered the court room. The prosecuting attorney John Halverson requested that Conor be removed from the Court room for unknown reasons. The judge accepted his request.

In questioning the prospective jurors, attorneys asked them if they were opposed to the war and to war protests while our troops were still in Iraq. The first group of 9 juror candidates were all opposed to the war. The next group had one member who said she was "ambivalent' about it. One prospective juror was against protests as disrespectful to the US troops.

Of course this trial is not about the war. It is about our First Ammendment rights of free speech and assembly. But it is heartening to know that perhaps 90% of the East Hampton jury pool oppose the war.

Peace & Justice Calendar - Starting April 11

For details on these events scroll down:

* April 11 (Wednesday): Sing Along with Terry Sullivan in Bridgehampton at 7pm

* April 13 (Friday): Opening Reception - Photo Exhibit on Quail Hill Farm in Southampton 4:30-6:30pm

* April 14 (Saturday): National Day of Climate Action - Riverhead 12 - 3pm

* April 15 (Sunday): Reading of "The Dandelion War" by Richard Rosenthal in Hampton Bays at 2 pm

* April 19, 20 (Thursday, Friday): Anti-Bias Training Session in Riverhead time tba

* April 19 (Thursday): Long Island Immigrant Civil Rights Symposium in Central Islip 5-7pm

* May 4 (Friday): "Facing the Wall" - Talk about Palestine in Mattituck at 6pm

Repeating Events:

* Second Friday of Month: US Dept. of Labor Rep at OLA's Water Mill Office

* Demonstration at Patchogue Recruiting Station 12-1:30 pm

* Every Thursday evening - Book Study Group in Water Mill

* "Herstory" Writing Workshops on Wednesdays in Farmingville (Spanish and English) 3 to 5 pm and Thursdays in Spanish only in East Hampton at 7 pm

* Second Tuesday of Month: South Fork Chapter of LI Progressive Coalition Meets in Water Mill at 6:30 pm

Details Follow:

April 11 (Wednesday): Sing Along with Terry Sullivan in Bridgehampton at 7pm

Terry Sullivan worked and sang with Pete Seeger for about ten years, and he is looking for singers who like to sing topical, folk, and civil rights songs from the “Pete Seeger Songbook” a massive compendium of his seventy years of singing .

There is a sing-along open to the public at the Unitarian Meeting House at 977 on Sag Harbor Tpke, just south of Scuttlehole Rd. on Wednesday April 11, at seven P.M. Just bring your voice.

Contact: tjfishflower@earthlink.net

April 13 (Friday): Opening Reception - Photo Exhibit on Quail Hill Farm in Southampton 4:30-6:30pm

Please come to the reception for "Through the Seasons on Quail Hill Farm"
by Kathryn Szoka at the Rogers Memorial Library in Southampton from 4:30 to 6:30 pm Friday April 13.

The exhibit will be on view from April 1 - April 30.

Kathryn spent over a year photographing the workers and members of Quail Hill, a community supported organic farm in Amagansett.

Come see the fruits of her labors!
Quail Hill is owned by the Peconic Land Trust.

Rogers Memorial Library, Coopers Farm Road (off Windmill Lane) Southampton

Info: 283-0774

April 14 (Saturday): National Day of Climate Action - Riverhead 12 - 3pm

The event will be at the Green Earth Market 50 east main St in Riverhead from 12 to 3 pm.
Details at http://events.stepitup2007.org/events/show/306

April 15 (Sunday): Reading of "The Dandelion War" by Richard Rosenthal in Hampton Bays at 2 pm

Richard Rosenthal's novel "The Dandelion War" concerns housing advocates, etc. in a slightly familiar seaside setting. Mr. Rosenthal has two local appearances scheduled for reading of The Dandelion War, the Hampton Bays Library on April 15th at 2 p.m. and the East Hampton Library, May 2 at 7:15 p.m.


April 19, 20 (Thursday, Friday): Anti-Bias Training Session in Riverhead time tba

A 2-day training sponsored by the Anti-Bias Task Forces in our area and by the organization Erase Racism. It's called "Unraveling Racism" and will take place on Thurs, April 19 and Friday, April 20 (2 full-day sessions) at Suffolk Community College in Riverhead at hours to be announced. The training will cover areas like historical/social context for racism in the US; links between racism/classism/sexism; reality and daily experience of individuals, institutional racism and white privilege; etc.

Call OLA at 726-OLA6 for more information. There is a cost for this training and subsidies may be available.

April 19 (Thursday): Long Island Immigrant Civil Rights Symposium in Central Islip 5-7pm

The symposium on Immigrant Civil Rights will be held at the Faculty Conference Room of the
Touro Law School in Central Islip on Thursday, April 19th from 5 to 7pm.

Speaking will be Amy Sugimor (La Fuente), Udi Ofer (NYCLU), Luis Valenzuela (Long Island Immigration Alliance), Avideh Moussavian (NY Immigration Coalition) and Patrick Young of the Central American Refugee Center (CARECEN). There will be a Q&A session and dinner will be served. The event is free and open to the public.

Sponsoring organizations are: Touro, ACLU, LALSA, and PILOT.

contact: "Mark Fridman" Touro ACLU


May 4 (Friday): "Facing the Wall" - Talk about Palestine in Mattituck at 6pm

Hazel Kahan will present an illustrated talk about the Israeli occupation of Palestine and the separation barrier at the Mattituck - Laurel Library at 6 pm, Friday May 4.

more info: hkahan@optonline.net


Repeating Events:

See Suffolk Peace Vigils for a complete list of weekly and monthly vigils.

See Recruiting Schedule for a listing of weekly and monthly demonstrations
Second Friday of Month: Labor Dept Reps in Water Mill from 11am to 1 pm

Bilingual Latino representatives from the US Dept of Labor's Wage and Hour Division are available the second Friday of every month in the OLA office, from 11 a.m. - 1 p.m., to answer questions concerning workers' rights and to help workers--whether documented or undocumented--recover pay owed them.

If your employer has not paid you for time you've worked or if you know someone in this situation, visit the OLA office at 1152 Montauk Hwy in Water Mill to find out what you can do.

Call 631-726-6526 ( 726 - OLA6).

Saturday Demos in Patchogue Recruiting Station at 12-1:30pm

We will continue our regular protest in Patchogue on Saturday with informational leafletting against recruiters in our public schools and deceiptful recruiting practices. Signs, flyers, petitions will be provided.

Where: 116 Main St., Patchogue, west of Route 112, east of N. Ocean Ave.

When: 12:00 noon - 1:30 p.m. Come for 1/2 hour or the whole time.

Why: To make the public aware of military recruiting practices in our public schools. We want equal access into our schools alongside military recruiters with information regarding the realities of the military. We want an adult present when a student speaks with a recruiter.

Contact: 631-875-8647

Thursday evening Book Study Group in Water Mill at 7 pm

The Thursday night group invites you to a Lively discussion starting March 1.
"Saving Jesus (from the Religious Right)"

To view an introductory video, go to

Meeting begins at 7:00 pm with Taize (Candlelight, Silence, Simple Chants, Scripture), Simple Soup at 7:30 , DVD and discussion from 8:00 until 9:00

The group meets at the Lutheran Church at Hayground Road and Montauk Highway
on Thursdays at 7pm

Contact Pastor Vita at 631-537-1187 or pastorvita(at)verizon(dot)net
"Herstory" Writing Workshops in Spanish and English

Wednesdays in Farmingville:

Herstory Writers Workshop meets every Monday afternoon at the Farmingville branch of the Workplace Project from 3 to 5. Both English-speaking and Spanish-speaking women come together to share and shape their life experiences through memoir writing. The workshop is conducted in both English and Spanish. Call 631-723-0150 for more information and directions to the center.

Thursdays in East Hampton:

Every Thursday Spanish-speaking women come together to share their writing with one another and receive feedback on how to structure and shape their lifewriting. The East Hampton workshop is open to East Hampton Town residents and is conducted entirely in Spanish. It meets every Thursday, 7-9 p.m., at the Senior Citizens Center, 128 Springs-Fireplace Road.

Call 631-723-0150 for more information.

Second Tuesday each month: South Fork Chapter - LI Progressive Coalition Meets in Water Mill at 6:30pm

The regular monthly meeting of the South Fork chapter of the Progressive Coalition is at 6:30pm on the 2nd Tuesday of each month at the Lutheran Church on Montauk Highway & Hayground Rd. between Water Mill and Bridgehampton. Info: 516-541-1006, ext.55 or www (.)lipc(.)org

Sundays: Bush is a Liar Choir" rehearses in Lindenhurst from 7 to 9pm

Join political action singing group. Participate in songs regarding environment, anti-war, labor, multiculturalism, civil rights, and other issues. Sing historic songs of struggle and social change.

Contribute to the progressive movement while becoming culturally enriched. If you've ever wanted to be in a singing group, now is your chance! Experienced and non-experienced singers are welcome.

All we ask is that you are able to sing on pitch. We need sopranos!
Rehearsals take place, Sunday nights from 7:00 to 9:00 in Lindenhurst.

Call Lisa Fishbein at: (631) 957-4954

Send event listings for next week's report (PLAIN TEXT Please)

by 5pm Tuesday to