Shinnecock Nation Election

Shinnecock Indian Nation, Long Island, New York:

On Tuesday, April 3, 2007, the Shinnecock Indian Nation conducted Tribal Trustee Elections on the Shinnecock Indian Reservation for the first time in history since the Trusteeship was established by the State of New York in 1792.

Pursuant to an ordinance developed and written by the Shinnecock Tribal Council and voted on by the Tribal Members of the Nation, the Election Reform Committee of Tribal Council implemented voting procedures and policies for the election process. This historic event underscores the true sovereignty of the Shinnecock people as they exercise their inherent right to conduct governance of their Nation in all aspects.

For over 120 years, the elections of the Board of Trustees have been conducted at the Town of Southampton in the Town Hall, where the members of the Nation would gather annually on the first Tuesday in April to vote for the Board of Tribal Trustees. This year, voting machines and all the necessary procedural and legal processes were put into place by the eight Committee members of the Election Reform Committee. Four individuals of the Committee are duly elected Tribal Council members and four are Tribal members of the Nation. A traditional drum honor song was conducted prior the opening of the Polls. The Polls were open 7 am and remained open until 7pm with a record number of voters. The Annual Meeting for the purpose of electing the Board of Tribal Trustees was held at 7:15pm at the Shinnecock Community Center when the results were announced to the Nation assembled.

The newly elected Board of Tribal Trustees to serve for the term of April 2007-April 2008 is as follows:

Randy King, Trustee Chairman; Frederick C. Bess, Trustee; and Lance A. Gumbs, Trustee.