Rep. Bishop to Speak in Patchogue Aug 27

August 27 (Monday): Rep. Tim Bishop (NY-1) Speaks on Emergency Preparedness in Patchogue at 7pm

Information supplied byt the Bill of RIghts Defense Committee

• Emergency Preparedness Town Hall Meeting - Patchogue, NY - 07:00:00 PM
Patchogue Fire Department - 15 Jennings Avenue

It's not too late to give Congress a piece of your mind within your legislators' home district before the August recess ends on September 4! BORDC has found a list of many of the town hall meetings scheduled across the country, and we'd like to share it with you, asking that you use it to speak out about the recently passed Orwellian "Protect America Act"!

Please go to your local meeting with as many allies as you can gather and tell your representatives that warrantless wiretapping violates our fundamental rights to privacy, and threatens each of us. We're being treated as terrorist suspects by our own government when it demands the right to eavesdrop on our conversations and emails with no particularized suspicion.



2. Find out how Tim Bishop voted. What you might say to your Senators or Representative depends on how they voted. Just before recess, the House and the Senate each considered two bills: The Republican-sponsore d Protect America Act" (aka "Police America Act") (S 1927), which won in both houses, gave the White House exactly what it wanted. It gave the Attorney General and the Director of National Intelligence increased powers to conduct surveillance on Americans. The two bills sponsored by the Democrats (HR 3356 and S 2011), which lost, sought to appease the White House by going only so far, and no further. However, even that compromise went too far!

In some districts, newly elected Democrats who were sent to Washington, DC, to stop the war in Iraq actually voted for the PAA. In other places, Democrats and Republicans voted purely along partisan lines. No one who supported any of the bills was voting to restore the Bill of Rights, which has been so severely undermined since this so-called "war on terror" began.

So, first, check to see how your representatives voted. Here are the roll calls:
S 1927 (the Republican-sponsore d bill that passed in the Senate)
S 1927 (the Republican-sponsore d bill that passed in the House)
S 2011 (the Democrat-sponsored bill that failed in the Senate)
HR 3356 (the Democrat-sponsored bill that failed in the House)

3. Organize people to come out to the meeting with you. Let allies know that you are going, alert the media, and let us know too (contact or Today is the time to strategize about how you want to approach your representative so that you can be most effective. Let us know what you're planning so that we can spread word among others in your area. See these BORDC webpages for more information.

Don't forget to take along a copy of the BORDC resolution book , a compilation of resolutions passed by towns, cities and states, upholding civil liberties guaranteed by the Bill of Rights. We are currently updating the book and a revised version will be available on our website within the next week.

4. Take a few talking points with you.

  • The President's warrantless wiretapping program went on illegally for 6 years. In January 2007, President Bush suddenly announced he would submit wiretap requests via the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court. Then in August, he insisted that Congress legalize warrantless wiretapping on disgraced Attorney General Gonzales' orders, completely removing even the slimmest oversight. Congress must hold the Administration accountable for its past law breaking, not legalize this illegal surveillance.
  • According to the Congressional Research Service, Congress has made more than 50 changes to FISA since the law was originally passed in1978 including many updates since September 11, 2001. So, all the talk about FISA's antiquated dial-telephone laws needing to come into the 21st century is false. Because the U.S. is a communications hub, and overseas calls transit the U.S., the White House claimed it needed this law so it could continue its legal pursuit of wiretapping foreign calls. If that kind of change was needed, the bill could have consisted of this simple sentence: "No warrant shall be required under FISA if the sole basis for issuing the warrant is that the communication would transit the US."
  • When the government subjects Americans' phone calls to massive and non-specific wiretaps, it may also be sharing our calls with other governments or entities. Before considering a change in the law, Congress should have asked: "Has the National Security Agency ever lost control of its surveillance system?" For a fuller account of this potential risk, see NPR's "Wiretapping in the Digital Age" (August 17, 2007).
  • Though the law is set to expire in six months, the Attorney General's wiretapping orders can last for a year.
  • We know from long experience that occasionally, government officials make errors or act maliciously. Without oversight from another branch of government, the risks to our liberties are too great. Currently, there is no oversight outside the executive branch, and we know from the widespread misuse and abuse of National Security Letters that checks and balances are crucial to maintaining honest government.
  • Rep. Nancy Pelosi and Sen. Harry Reid have said they'll make changes in the law that was hurriedly passed in August -- when they return to D.C. in September. But a few changes here and there are not enough! Until our Congress demands accountability, and restores checks and balances, we will continue to live in fear that our government is looking over our shoulder. So, Congress must get tough on restoring our Bill of Rights now!
  • The White House must be compelled to release documents created by White House, National Security Agency and Department of Justice lawyers justifying the so-called "Terrorist Surveillance Program." The American people have the right to know how this executive branch legally justified warrantless surveillance against its own people.
  • 412 local governments have passed resolutions opposing government overreaches of power, unwarranted searches, and detentions without trial. It's time the Congress heeds the will of the American people, and starts restoring civil liberties lost during the past 6 years.

Week of August 23, 2007

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August 25 in East Hampton - March, Rally for Peace & Justice

James Henry Launches Campaign for Southampton Supervisor

East End Women in Black Observe 5th Anniversary of Peace Vigil

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The program includes musical selections by the Thunder Bird Sisters and stories from the gospel according to some Native Americans.

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East Enders for Peace & Justice - March, Rally August 25 Main St East Hampton

Dear Friends of Peace,

The peace coalition East Enders for Peace and Justice is sponsoring a March and Rally Against the War (alas! Once again.) on Saturday, August 25 between 3 and 5:30 PM on Main Street, East Hampton.

We have a specific permit from the village to march and display signs and the photographs of the Fallen,

We suggest that you park in the Long-term parking areas west of the railroad station.
We will meet a bit before 3pm in front of Bookhampton on the north side of Main Street to pick up signs. Those who wish to march (walk) will gather there as well as those who would prefer to stand with their signs. The East End Vets will be our parade marshals.

Please get the word out to all your friends because we want this to be a Giant Turnout!!

We want to send the message that "the Hamptons" is more than a place to spend money, that we are watching with concern the upcoming "Petraeus Report," that we want our children home alive and whole.

Bring signs if you have them. We'll make as many as we can!

Please join us!!!

Betty 267 8392

James Henry Launches Campaign for Southampton Supervisor

UPDATED 8/30/07

James Henry an attorney and economist of Sag Harbor launched his campaign for
Southampton Town Supervisor with a press conference Monday, August 20 on the steps of Town Hall.

Henry, who is running on the Democratic ticket lashed out at incumbent Skip Heaney for
accepting contributions from developers and people doing business with the Town.

Henry said
" 2/3 of Heaney's contributions are coming from outside the town and a lot of
that money is coming from people who have a direct blatant interest in doing
business with the Town. That is un-acceptable and I refuse to take money from
anyone doing business with the Town."
The democratic candidate and ACLU cooperating attorney may be best know here for his
successful suit against Southampton Village which allowed anti-war groups to march in the
annual July 4 parade.

Henry talked about the lack of progress in the Town on affordable workforce housing and in
acquring open space. He proposed that the Town borrow on the funds collected by the
property transfer tax so as to buy more open space now while it is still available.

But Henry focused on a major thorn in the side of some Town residents .. the tax
re-assessments and steep increases in Town Taxes that many think are unfair.
He blamed current Supervisor Skip Heaney and his rival for the Republican
nomination for Supervisor, Town Councilwoman Linda Kabot.

Henry said
"We found that more than 50% of people we talked to were extremely dissatisfied
with the performance of the Heaney-Kabot administration in this (re-assessment) issue
and very concerned with the unfairness of taxes they are paying,not only becase
they are increasing but also because they don't see they are getting value for the money spent."

"Town spending went from 40 million in 2000 to 80 million last year, doubling in almost six

"in 2004 after having promised not to have a re-assement, Skip Heaney went
ahead to re-introduce it. In 2006 he did it again."

" He appointed people to run the assessment who were incompetent The result was predictable.
The information was sent late. There was no time to file grievences. There were all kinds of
inequities in the assement adjustments. There was a collision between the tax reassesment
in Southampton Town and the school budget votes all over the county. As a result school bud-
gets were voted down. There was an all time record of 8600 tax grievences filed."

Neither Heaney or Kabot responded to a request by the WPKN news department to comment on the
allegations made by Mr. Henry.

Prepared by the WPKN /WPKM East End News Team.