Friday Nov. 9: Commemoration of Martyrs Service

Dear Friends,

This Friday, November 9, at 7:30 pm, in the Miraculous Medal Church in Wyandanch, we will hold the Commemoration of Martyrs Service, started back in 1992. It is by this service that we remember all those Central American and South American persons murdered by graduates of the School of the Americas. Not only does this service help us keep those victims in mind but it serves as a send off to those who will travel to Ft. Benning, the home of the SOA, on the very next weekend.

It should also be pointed out that during that week end there will be a local demonstration in front of Peter King's Massapequa office. He is the only congressperson on LI who favors the continued operation of the SOA.

Check the web site for full details on the King demonstration. Bill McNulty.