Saturday Counter - Recruiting Demo - Report Back

UPDATE On Patchogue Counter Recruiting Saturday April 5

Karen Sackett reports:
"we had a great turn out - the usual 20 or so Eagles (counter-counter protesters
and about 50+ of us. The cops had pens set up to keep them on one side of
the court yard and us on the other. Emotions ran high, megaphones came out,
it ended up crazy. But we got the attention of this sleepy town."
We received this from Karen Sackett prior to the event:

A woman I met whose nephew is in Iraq began a group with her sister called "Operation Love Our Troops" where they go door to door collecting essentials for the soldiers. The sister received a phone call from a member of the Gathering of Eagles urging her to attend a demonstration in Patchogue tomorrow because a group there (us) will be demonstrating against the troops.

As you know, we will be demonstrating against recruiting tactics and against the occupation in Iraq.

Please try to make it tomorrow so our numbers are better than usual, and feel free to send the info out to your lists.

The Patchogue recruiting station is located at 116 E.
Main St., between Route 112 and N. Ocean Ave. and we
will be there from 11:00 am until 1:30 pm. The police
have told me they will keep the groups separate, and
we will maintain a peaceful non-confrontational
presence. If you have a video camera, please bring it.

Thanks so much for your help.
Karen Sackett

For info on future Counter Recruiting activity contact Karen at