Bulova April 15: One More Chance for Affordable Housing

UPDATED April 16:

At the ZBA meeting Tuesday April 15, the applicant, Sag Development Partners asked for an adjournment til the June 17 meeting. No reason was given. After the chair moved to accept the applicant's request, ZBA member Anton Hagen decided to publicly express his feelings on the project.

Hagen said SDP had a "first class proposal," and that most tax payers in Sag Harbor were in favor of it. And that the ZBA wasn't holding up the project. Attorney Anthony Tohill told the chair (Mike Bromberg) that a discussion without the applicant was not appropriate; the chair agreed. They voted on the resolution to adjourn: 3 - 1 in favor, Bromberg opposed.

On Tuesday April 15 the Sag Harbor Village Zoning Board of Appeals will meet to consider whether to require a portion of housing units to be affordable for Sag Harbor's work force at the presently planned Bulova luxury condo project. The developers of this project have a plan for what amounts to a gated community in the heart of Sag Harbor - the enclave once referred to as the "Un Hampton". Only wealthy second home owners are likely to be living in the condos as presently planned.

The chair of the Board is thought to be in favor of a 20% affordable housing requirement of Suffolk County law - a requirement which can be over-ruled by a 'super-majority' of the board.

The Sag Harbor Planning Board has already 'caved' to the wishes of the Sag Development Partners the present owners of the property. They have said they will not even require an environmental review under NY State's SEQRA law which would allow alternative plans- some of which might include a mix of high and lower cost housing units to be considered.

The ZBA will meet at 6:30 pm Tuesday at the Municipal Building on Main Street Public commentary will be heard.