Winter in the Holy Land

As winter arrives we keep warm as best we can but what if our house were destroyed by an occupying army?  On November 25 in the illegally occupied West Bank (Palestine) a house where 15 children lived was demolished because a construction permit can not be obtained for a Palestinian's house. The International Solidarity Movement was able to supply tents for the homeless family and they prepared thevideo linked hereWhen this house was demolished (Nov 25) it was very cold.  Since then, the region has been experiencing record-breaking rains and wind. We wonder what it's like to be in this village today.

How is it possible that our government approves this, or abets it with funding for this same military force?  That is the case. Tell Congressman Bishop what you think about this!  And support the Israeli Committee Against House Demolitions ( working to expose the destruction of thousands of homes in the occupied territories and in Israel.