from WPKN Radio News Jan 14: Congressman Bishop Will Continue Public Meetings

WPKN News, Friday January 14, 2011

Eastern Long Island Democratic Congressman Tim Bishop says he will continue having public meetings with his constituents despite the events in Tucson, Arizona last weekend. He was speaking at a meeting on the steps of Town Hall in Southampton today.

WPKN’s Henry Letcher reports:

Bishop, New York’s First District Representative says that threats to members of Congress are not part of a campaign of intimidation.  He says they are an expression of extreme anger.  

"I think it is a reflection of a level of anger that exists in this county that is  not only unproductive, it is destructive."

Congressman Bishop who had already scheduled a series of public meetings with his constituents says he wil continue with the meetings.

"I'm doing one at the end of January at the Rogers Memorial Library here in Southampton.

I'm doing community office hours tomorrow in downtown
Patchogue at the office of the Mayor of the Village.

In order to do my job properly I have to stay connected to the
people I represent so I'm going to continue to do them."

During his campaign for re-election last summer Bishop was confronted by members of the Tea Party who tried to shout him down at public meetings. Police were called in to protect Bishop. In a statement published in the Suffolk Times of Southold, Suffolk County 9-12 Project, a tea party organization, condemned the horrific attack in Tucson.

For WPKN’s East End News Team this is Henry Letcher.