We can help in Gaza - Message from East Enders

We east end residents want to declare our dismay at the failure of the new Congress and our congressional representative, Tim Bishop to heed the call for a ceasefire and to advocate for a just peace between Israel and occupied Palestine.

Instead Congress declared that only Israel has a right to defend itself. Don't Palestinians have human rights? They are certainly defenseless. Israel is using billions in US military aid to produce thousands of civilian casualties including more victims of rocket attacks in Israel.

And the carnage continues.

But those of us who feel that the moral compass of our nation is broken still have a job to do.

The US-based Middle East Children's Alliance, working with Gaza-based Dr. Mona El Farra has purchased medicines and is attempting to get a large shipment delivered via Israel and Egypt. We can donate to a fund to provide more help without taking political sides.

Contact the Middle East Childeren's Alliance by going to their web-site: www.mecaforpeace.org.

Shalom, Salaam, Peace

Henry Clifford, Wainscott
Thomas L. Cowan, Riverhead
Tony Ernst, Southampton
Helen Fitzgerald, East Hampton
Elizabeth Haile, Shinnecock
Jean Hoffmann, East Hampton
Hazel Kahan, Mattituck
Antje Katcher, East Hampton
Sigrid Meinel, Hampton Bays
Eleanor Oakley, Shelter Island
Michael O'Neill, Sag Harbor
Jody Simon, East Hampton
Terry Sullivan, Sag Harbor
Victor Teich, East Hampton
Silvia Tennenbaum, East Hampton
Bob Zellner, Southampton