January 28 (Wednesday): Clean Air NY Presentation in Riverhead at 7:30pm

Sponsored by The Riverhead Town Energy Advisory Committee

Riverhead Town Hall
Wednesday January 28th at 7:30 PM

The Public is Welcome to Attend

Clean Air NY is a dynamic collaboration of organizations and individuals in the New York metro area who are taking actions to improve our air quality. This initiative is sponsored by the New York State Department of Transportation and Clean Air NY wants to help New Yorkers live better and breathe easier by improving the air quality.

Clean Air NY’s presentation explains the following:

  • Specific travel choices that every individual can make to help improve the air quality on AQAD and year round.
    The causes of poor air quality in the New York metro area and the why we are working to improve it.
  • How the region’s poor air quality affects every New Yorker’s health, especially sensitive groups such as people with asthma, children, and the elderly.
  • Air Quality Action Days (AQAD) are days when the air quality is especially poor in the area and usually occur during the summer months.
  • When an individual, employer, or community organization joins the Clean Air NY network, they receive an e-mail or text message update the day before an AQAD.

    For more information on Clean Air NY, please visit CleanAirNY.org.