From Zatoun to Zatoun An Invitation from North America to Gaza

In days of darkness we seek the light. Olive oil has been a source of physical and spiritual light to many cultures. It enlightens minds to greater understanding and lights hearts to compassion.
Zatoun, through the sale of fair trade olive oil, has built a diverse community of support in North America for Palestinians and Palestine. At this difficult time for the people of Gaza, we want to reach out to another "Zatoun" community in Gaza to show solidarity and caring. Its formal name is "Al-Zaytoun," and it is a very poor neighbourhood in eastern Gaza City. Not much is to be found about it on the Internet other than it was the site of heavy bombardment and casualties including a report of 25 members from one family killed by a missile.
Zatoun has made a $2,500 contribution in aid of families living in the Zatoun neighbourhood of Gaza City.

We invite members of the Zatoun community in North America to make their own personal financial contribution to Zatoun families in Gaza. The aid will be delivered by the Red Crescent Society for the Gaza Strip. It is a respected and effective humanitarian aid organization on the ground. It is a member of the International Red Cross movement.

Our channel in North America to the Red Crescent Society for the Gaza Strip is through the CPFQ-Child Sponsorship Program - Financial Appeal for Gaza Families. Donors will be issued an immediate receipt (in pdf format and tax deductible to Canadian residents) by More information about the ongoing work of the Child Sponsorship Program is available at their website.

Please make an online contribution using this link. Use the "Donate Now" button. IMPORTANT : Please specify in the "message box" that the contribution is directed to Zatoun in Gaza City. The funds will be distributed at the cessation of hostilities.

It may be a small gesture yet, like buying olive oil, it serves an important symbolic purpose. It tells the people of Zatoun in Gaza that there is another Zatoun in North America which recognizes their dignity and situation. What the people of Gaza and all Palestinians seek most from the world is recognition. They need our recognition to help overcome the denial of grave historic injustices, and assert their claim to identity and human rights.

In closing, Zatoun wishes a true Zatoun community for the world.
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