readings ...words, sounds, for peace in the Middle East


from Naomi Lazard and Kathy Engel:

Dear Friends, We are gathering on Thursday, August 10th at Gibson Beach, Sagaponack.

Bring poems, prose, letters, instruments..anything you like. Bring children(Blankets and Quilts)

This is an anti-war town meeting with input from everybody.

Directions: Go south on Sagg Main, at the cemetery go left to Gibson Beach.

Please tell everyone you know. This may be the beginning of many such speakout gatherings. We're all in this together, torn apart by the news from the middle east, from the images, horrified and miserable. Let's get together and share our thoughts and feelings.

Let's try to break the self-fulfilling prophecy as expressed so poignantly by WH Auden in his great poem "September 1939" (the year and the month Nazis invaded Poland)

Mad Diaghelev knew what all school children learn:
Those to whom evil is done do evil in return."

For justice and peace,