Letter to Newsday: Who is Steve Levy?

Aug 9, ‘06

Steve Levy seems to enjoy insulting anyone who dares speak up against his proposals, a rhetorical McCarthyism of smear. Certainly, he never passes up an opportunity to goad and gleefully mock his critics. He called people from unions, religious and civil rights organizations "extremists" for pointing out failures, contradictions and probable consequences of his proposals to punish contractors if verification of employees is found faulty. Are these "extremists" the same men and women who helped elect him? Then who is Steve Levy?

I myself gathered signatures, worked phone banks and knocked on doors. I’m sorry many, like the good people who sincerely testified about his bill yesterday, worked for his election too. We believed Levy, a Democrat, would champion the legacy of our party. The Democratic Party has always been the defender of immigrants. In face of a recalcitrant mean streak of Know Nothingism that flares up throughout our history in times of stress, it has been defeated because Americans understood immigrants want only what they want: a better life for their families.

Legal/illegal is but a scapegoat wedge. Is Levy going to stop traffic on the LIE because drivers going over 55 mph are illegal? He should get off his pious posing as if he were a TV sheriff strutting through town on a white horse inciting a lynch mob.. What makes Levy want to make life harsher for these immigrants who most likely will never know any easy life of privilege of one suburban politician greedy to exploit the worst tendencies for the cheapest approval ratings serving his ambitions?

Michael O’Neill

Sag Harbor, NY