Friday December 10: Lyrical Democracies - Poetry with Alexis De Veaux and Kathy Engel

Suggested Donation $10.
151 Mitchell Lane, Bridgehampton, Info at 537-7068 ext 113

Hayground School and Hayground Forum will present a special poetry reading titled Lyrical Democracies featuring Kathy Engel and Alexis De Veaux on Friday, December 10th at 7 p.m. Lyrical Democracies is the brainchild of two poets who want to inspire opportunities for the advancement of creative solutions to the wellbeing, peace, and wholeness of individuals and communities throughout the country. As poets, professors, organizers, and producers for more than 30 years, they recognize that the light that leads us and the glue that holds us are the power of our stories – all of our stories. They believe that telling stories to each other has the power to heal the divisions that separate us from each others’ humanities. They believe that meaningful change occurs through the fusion of the imaginative and the pragmatic, and that without community there is no change. Without recognition and exploration of the full stories within any community space, there is no community.