An Invitation from Lisa Votino-Tarrant

Hi All,

I know some of you will also receive an email from the NAACP, so I apologize in advance for the duplicate. I wanted to make sure you knew about the Eastern Long Island NAACP Annual Membership Luncheon this Saturday, October 17th, 1:00pm at the Best Western in Riverhead. This year’s guest speaker will be Bob Zellner, Activist and Author of “The Wrong Side of Murder Creek.” I think if you know me you know Bob is one of my mentors and he never fails to educate and entertain, while sharing his experiences during the civil rights movement and beyond. Tickets are $50 and the branch now accepts credit cards!

The Eastern Long Island NAACP not only protects all of our civil rights on the East End, but also supports the work of other branches and organizations. We are usually everywhere and try to ensure that people know there is a strong presence of the NAACP here. While many of us volunteer long hours, we depend on contributions to cover our operating costs. While we understand that many people are cutting back this year, please know that violations of civil rights only rise in times like these. This means the NAACP works even harder for you.

If you are unable to attend, we hope you will still make a contribution. But a ticket for a young person or person with lesser means so they can see the NAACP working for them.

The luncheon is always a good time with great people and great food. I hope to see you there!

PS: Don’t just talk about it….Be about it!

Lisa Votino-Tarrant

Info at the NAACP Branch Office from 2 pm - 6 pm this week  631-259-2917 (new number)