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Who can protest and does not is an accomplice in the act _The Talmud

Where did this real estate come from? - Elizabeth Thunder Bird Haile Talks to Southampton Democrats

Adam Horowitz: "Let My People Go"

Jewish Peace News

As Tax Day Approaches: More US Weapons to Israel

Medical Aid for Palestine

Combatants for Peace - Israelis and Palestinians - ex fighters tour the US

Long Island Wins Blog: Immigrants, the Perfect Scapegoat

Peace and Justice Calendar

Suffolk Peace Vigils

Casualties in Iraq and Afghanistan

Gaza / Palestine Update: The Face of Misery in Gaza and more

Recommended Reading - click here:
America is in need of a moral bailout - Chris Hedges
Capitalism Hits the Fan - Richard Wolff

Kafka Era Double Standard: Edward Hermann on Gaza Coverage

Lucero Killing Follows Months of Anti-Immigrant Agitation

Economic Contributions of Immigrants to Long Island

Democracy Now!

The independent news hour with Amy Goodman and Juan Gonzalez:
on Riverhead/Southampton/Southold/Shelter Island
Channel 20:

Note: Channels 20 (public access) and 22 (government meetings) now require a digital capable TV or converter box and have been removed from the basic cable service in violation of contracts with the east end towns. Call your Town Council members to find out what they are doing about this.

Starting April 1 - new schedule for Democracy Now!

Monday 6:30 am

Tuesday 6 PM

Wednesday 8 PM

Thursday 10 PM

Friday 6:30 am

Saturday - 10 PM

Also on WUSB 90.1 FM 5 PM Mon-Friday and East Hampton LTV Ch 20


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