Economic Contributions of Immigrants to Long Island

Strengthening Long Island: Economic Contributions of Immigrants to Nassau and Suffolk Counties

October 27, 2008

3:00PM - 4:30PM

A symposium including a presentation and discussion of the results of a new study by Adelphi University Prof. Mariano Torras, which finds that in 2006, immigrants contributed $10.6 billion to the Long Island economy. Immigrants exercised $7.5 billion in buying power, helped create 82,000 new jobs, and even paid $2 billion more in taxes than they received in services.

“Strengthening Long Island: The Economic Contributions of Immigrants to Nassau and Suffolk Counties” assesses the positive impact of immigrant Long Islanders on many facets of Long Island’s economy. This report demonstrates the critically important role of the immigrant population on Long Island and details their contributions to the economy.

In a time when both national and local attention is focused on this important issue, Professor Torras' study provides desperatly needed hard statistical evidence. This Study grounds the discussions of immigration in the specifics of growth to Long Island. This presentation is essential for all Long Islanders because of the key role immigrants play in strengthening Long Island's economy and its communities.

Adelphi University - Alumni House

154 Cambridge Ave, Garden City, NY 11530 is limited, Admission is free

Please RSVP by email to or by phone to 516.304.5642

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