Friday at 5:45 East Hampton Demonstration against Suffolk County Executive Steve Levy

  • Who: Long Island Immigrant Solidarity

  • What: Demonstration against Suffolk County Executive Steve Levy

  • When: Friday, June 20, 2008 5:45 pm

  • Where: The Palm at Huntington Inn, 94 Main St. East Hampton, NY

  • Why: To tell Levy to stop dismantling Suffolk Health Services. In the last weeks Levy has sold the Suffolk Co HMO, tried to sell its only nursing home, cutting back the Suffolk public health nurses. Tell Levy to stop efforts to close down satellite health clinics. Levy should protect Suffolk businesses, protect middle class jobs, stop driving out working families, stop the immigrant bashing! We will protest Levy's obsessive disregard for the economic well being of our tourist economy and the survival of agricultural production in Suffolk County. Stop making immigrant labor scapegoat for fragile economic conditions, for lack of affordable housing and stop diverting attention from going backwards in public health by trying to balance an out of whack budget at the expense of working families. In the last 3 weeks Levy has pushed 3 anti-immigrant bills through the legislature By making Suffolk inhospitable to immigrant labor Levy seems intent on hiking taxes, causing retraction of businesses that rely on unskilled labor. It's past time to tell Levy to protect the health of Suffolk residents.