Native Grave Site: Preserve What's Left:

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On Tuesday, May 13, 2008 at 1pm the Town of Southampton Board will meet. On the agenda is a a public hearing when the Community Preservation Fund will decide whether or not to purchase the Konner property where the Native American burial was unearthed last year.

This was called the St. James site on Montauk Highway, Watermill and considered an Indian village since the 1970's when archeology was done by the Town and artifacts found.

The property owner is in favor of the sale.

Elder Elizabeth Thunder Bird Haile of Shinnecock says:

"We have been waiting for this day to preserve the land as a sacred site,
and cemetery. This is an old story that should end in allowing these ancestors to rest in peace."

We ask you to join us in sending a letter to the Southampton Town Board
and to the Director of the Community Preservation Fund.

Members of the Town of Southampton Board:

Supervisor Linda Kabot
Nancy Graboski
Anna Throne-Holst
Christopher Nuzzi
Daniel Russo

Director of the Southampton Community Preservation Fund:

Mary Wilson

We are writing in support of the purchase by the C.P.F. of the Konner
property on Montauk Highway in Water Mill.

Since the 1970's at least this piece of land has been known as the
location of an Indian village and contains an ancient burial site.

The opportunity to preserve this site should be seized now. Too many
sites of historical and religious importance to our Native neighbors
have been sacrificed, replaced by over-sized residences
and building lots which are now going begging.

We, the descendents of europeans who settled in this land would not
bulldoze our peoples graves. We should take this opportunity to
preserve the grave sites of the indigenous peoples of this place.

Ann Ernst
Anthony Ernst

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