Suffolk Primary Votes - Hillary Takes Them

Democratic primary:

About 33% of the 254,000 registered Dems cast ballots in Tuesday's primary according to un-official results from the Suffolk Board of Elections

They chose Hillary Clinton by a large margin as their choice for the Democratic nomination.

Sen. Clinton received 62% of the votes to Barack Obama's 35%. Also receiving votes although they dropped out were: John Edwards 1.4%, Bill Richardson 1%, Dennis Kucinich 0.7% and Joe Biden 0.3% of the total 85 thousand votes cast for the individual candidates.

Delegates to the National Convention pledged to Senator Clinton received the bulk of the votes in each of the County's Congressional districts.

Republican primary:

John McCain received the majority of the approximately 57 thousand votes cast for individual candidates. About 19% of the 304 thousand registered Republicans voted. McCain received 54% of these votes, Mitt Romney 27%, Mike Huckabee 7%, Ron Paul 6.8% and 'New York's favorite son' Rudy Giuliani 4.2%.