Israel Peace Activist Visits East End on US Tour

Dr. Jeff Halper of the Israeli Committee Against House Demolitions visited the Bridgehampton area earlier this month as guest of the Committee for Peace in Israel-Palestine and East End Women in Black. Dr. Halper spoke at the Unitarian Universalist Meetinghouse. He pained a grim picture from the standpoint of peace and the possibility of a viable Palestinian state due to the continuing expansion of Israeli Settlements and the separation barrier within the West Bank.

Halper's view of the forthcoming peace talks and the relation of the US to the conflict was the subject of an interview conducted by Scott Harris of WPKN's Between the lines. This nationally syndicated program will be heard Saturday at 2 pm and again next Tuesday at 5:30 pm at 89.5 FM Bridgeport or 88.7 FM Montauk or

Listen to the Halper interview here:

Bush-Sponsored Middle East Peace Talks Likely to Fail

Interview with Dr. Jeff Halper,
coordinator of the Israeli Committee Against House Demolitions,
conducted by Scott Harris

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Dr. Halper is the author of "Obstacles to Peace" published by the
Israeli Committee Against House Demolitons.