East Hampton Artist Exhibits "Cities of Peace"

Ellen Frank's exhibit "Cities of Peace" will be on view in Bronxvile New York at the OSilas Gallery at Concordia College from November 5 through December 14 (excepting Nov. 22-25).

There will be an opening lecture on Thursday, November 8 from 7 to 8 pm in the Gallery with a reception to follow.

In contrast to September 11, wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, and ongoing crises in the Middle East and Africa, the gold-illuminated Cities of Peace paintings honor conflict-torn cities, their people, history, and traditions. The series of nine paintings includes works representing Jerusalem, Lhasa, Baghdad, Kabul, Beijing, and New York. Cities of Peace emphasizes understanding as prerequisite to peace and celebrates the best of the human spirit, transforming anguish into beauty.

The paintings pay homage to traditional illuminated manuscript painting, but in monumental scale and in a broader context that is reflective of the contemporary art world.

Cities of Peace was produced at the Ellen Frank Illumination Arts Foundation in East Hampton, New York, with interns from China, Korea, Colombia, Estonia, Japan, Poland, and the United States, under the artistic direction of Ellen Frank.

The OSilas Gallery is located in the Donald A. Krenz Academic Center on the second level of Scheele Memorial Library on Concordia College’s Bronxville campus.

Directions and further details can be found at www.osilasgallery.org or call