Tim Bishop Holds Town Meeting

Peace activist Jim Lynch reported via the Suffolk Peace Network list-serve (SPNorg@yahoogroups.com) that Congressman Tim Bishop held a Town Meeting in Miller Place last week with 40-50 people in attendance.

The Congressman was challenged on his position on funding for the Iraq war by Mr. Lynch who reports that Rep. Bishop "hides behind the 'we don't have enough votes' line (for everything from cutting off funds to overriding prez vetoes). Among those present Lynch says "there was zero support for the war - I mean zero!!!"

The news from Iraq today is of 160 more Iraqis dead in attacks in Baghdad alone.
Iraqis are united in at least one thing. As the Guardian report indicates. They want the US occupation to end.

We should once again tell our representative in DC that enough is more than enough. Bring Our Troops Home NOW!