As Winter Comes - A reminder

Southampton Village has tried to avoid doing anything so far about its number one problem - a throng of people standing out in the streets looking for work - people from Latin America who find it impossible to find work at home. US policy is beyond the reach of anyone here to fix.

The local Coalition for a Work Link Center and non-profit foundations together with Catholic Charities have offered to fix Southampton's immigrant labor problem at no cost to the Village.Bowing to the complaints of fearful, un-informed residents spurred on by national and local hate groups, the Village officials seem to have backed down from their promise to accept what seems like a sensible solution. Of course, finding a proper location for the Center is a problem.

Other elected officials have offered to help locate a site. We need to encourage them to continue this effort.

What we can do:

Tell our local officials that we want a safe and regulated place for people seeking work. Go to the web-site of the Coalition and sign the petition to officials- say you support the proposal for a Work Link Center similar to those in other Long Island communities such as Freeport and Glen Cove.

Join the Coalition: Help is needed in several areas. Contact Sister Margaret Smyth or Dianne Rulnick.