Winter is coming

Winter is coming ... did you notice the hail storm Tuesday?

There are things you do to prepare for the winter.

First of all:

Most of us have a safe warm house, but not all do. Please click here!


Southampton Village has tried to avoid doing anything so far about its number one problem - a throng of people standing out in the streets looking for work - people from Latin America who find it impossible to find work at home.

US policy is beyond the reach of anyone here to fix.

But we can do one or two things:

Tell our local officials that we want a safe and regulated place for people seeking work. The local Coalition for a Work Link Center and non-profit foundations together with Catholic Charities have offered to fix Southampton's immigrant labor problem at no cost to the Village.

Bowing to the complaints of fearful, un-informed residents spurred on by national and local hate groups, the Village officials seem to have backed down from their promise to accept what seems like a sensible solution.

What we can do:

* Go to the web-site of the Coalition and sign the petition to officials- say you support the proposal for a Work Link Center similar to those in other Long Island communities such as Freeport and Glen Cove.

* Join the Coalition: Help is needed in several areas. Contact Sister Margaret Smyth or Dianne Rulnick. A meeting is scheduled for Tuesday October 31 at the office of the Apostalado Hispano at Sacred Hearts Church on Hill Street in Southampton at 12:30 pm