Tell Suffolk Legislators to Oppose Levy Bill on County Hiring

Legislation before the Suffolk County Legislature is designed (by County Exec. Steve Levy) to prevent hiring of undocumented workers by contractors doing business with the county. The legislation which has been revised twice since it was introduced in an attempt to quiet objections by advocates for immigrants rights drew strong objections from speakers at Tuesday's hearing at the legislature meeting in Hauppage.

However the legislators are expected to vote to approve it. Messages addressed to the east end's legislator Jay Schneiderman have been running 50-50 for and against the legislation.

Immigrant Rights advocates including the Long Island Immigrant Alliance are urging us to tell our legislators to oppose this legislation. Some reasons for this are found in the following:

via email to:

Dear Mr. Schneiderman:

What is gained by passing a law which will

- cost the jobs of documented and undocumented workers
with Latin surnames when they are fired by employers who
won't take the time to check on their status but don't want to
lose their county contracts?

- cost the county money to administer ?

- engender an atmosphere of ill will in our communities?

- offer no solution to our real problems ... of low wage economy and disappearing higher paying jobs ... jobs that are disappearing for the same reasons that drive immigration from Latin America ..
the so-called Free Trade (free for those who are hiring) and
our gov's support of US agribusiness ?

- will fuel the propaganda campaign of the neo-nazi linked Minute Men Civil Defense Corps ?

But I guess you have heard this before ... So I hope you will stand for justice in this case as you have in the past.


Tony Ernst


Contact Info for East End County Legislators

Hon. Ed Romaine
423 Griffing Avenue, Suite 2
Riverhead, NY 11901
Phone: 852·3200
Fax: 852·3203

Hon Jay Schneiderman
75 Washington Street
PO Box 1827
Sag Harbor, NY 11963
Phone: 852-8400
Fax: 852-8404