Bellport Village v. South Country Peace Group

Thursday, August 24 6:30 pm

At the Bellport Community Center—Bell St, Bellport


(across from the parking lot adjacent to the Chowder House)

Join & support the South Country Peace Group as we make a statement to the Long Island media concerning legal issues that have arisen with the Bellport Village over the use of the roads in Bellport Village leading up to our 24th World Peace Vigil Event that takes place each August 6 (Hiroshima Day).

The Suffolk County Chapter of the NYCLU has stated its intention to file a federal lawsuit against the Village of Bellport for violating the First Amendment rights of the South Country Peace Group.
The Village has just recently put into effect regulations that require anyone wishing to use the public streets for a parade or protest to show proof of at least a two million dollar liability insurance policy and that they sign an agreement to indemnify the Village for any costs or expenses arising from claims or law suits due to injuries or accidents that happen at or as a result of that parade or protest. The Village denied the South Country Peace Group’s application for a permit to hold the protest on August 6.

The South Country Peace Group hopes that members of our organization and members of the LI peace & justice community across LI will stand with us Thursday night. We do need a strong showing of support. Two people from our organization have been designated to be spokespersons. All we request is that you come out for a half hour or an hour and stand with us.

Dennis Urlaub
South Country Peace Group