Hate Crime Wave?

East Hampton:

Long Island Progressives Call for Hate Crimes Investigation

The April 29 attack on two Latino youths by their fellow student should be the subject of an investigation by the Suffolk County Police Hate Crimes Unit. That was the subject of a letter sent by the South Fork Chapter of the Long Island Progressive Coalition to the East Hampton Star on Wednesday, May 10.

At a meeting last week with parents at the East Hampton High School, East Hampton Town Police Chief Todd Sarris stated that the 15 year old boy arrested for reckless endangerment in the attack with a machete and a running chain saw while screaming racist epithets could not be charged with a hate crime because of his age.

When queried, the State Attorney General's Office said that the law does not prevent the charge of a hate crime because of the suspect's age.

The LIPC also is asking why the County Hate Crimes Unit has not been used in investigating this type of case in the east end towns. The Suffolk County Police unit has been successful in cases such as the attack on a family in their home in Farmingville.

Parents to meet Monday at EHHS at 4pm.

Concerned parents of students at East Hampton High School where the victims and the perpetrator of the racist attack are fellow students have met last week to voice their concerns. They plan a follow up meeting at the High School at 4 pm on Monday, May 15.


Attacked by Taxi and Driver.

Last Friday's attack on a day laborer in front of the Southampton 7-11(*) is just the type of incident proponents of a hiring center for workers have been fearing and one of the reasons for establishing such a center. The assailant used his taxi to hit the victim.

The victim actually is not an immigrant but a descendant of Native Americans and Mexicans. This was obviously a hate crime and is being treated as such by police.

The use of the specialized hate crimes unit maintained by the County would seem to be in order here as well.

(*) see Newsday, May 6