Rep. Tim Bishop to Endorse Murtha Plan for Withdrawal from Iraq but Votes for War Budget

Congressman Tim Bishop (Dem, 1st CD) told supporters this past weekend that he will endorse the Murtha resolution calling for withdrawal of US troops from Iraq. This was confirmed by the congressman's Coram office today. Under the Murtha plan troops would withdraw within six months to nearby middle eastern bases.

Mr Bishop had pledged in December not to vote for the more than 70 billion dollar supplemental appropriation bill if the administration had no plan for troop withdrawal.

The supplemental appropriations bill which combined funding for Iraq, Afghanistan and Katrina Relief passed the House on March 16 by a large margin.

The bill included an amendment submitted by Representative Barbara Lee of California providing that no funds be used to enter into military base agreements between the US and Iraq. Mr. Bishop voted for the appropriations. Among those voting No were Ms. Lee and 8 New York Democrats.

This report was prepared by the WPKN Volunteer East End News Team
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