Message from the Streets

The message that 300,000 protesters and 400 arrestees left at the White House last month was clear: "Stop the War in Iraq and Bring Our Troops Home". Another message was left a few blocks away according to this item from the Washington Post.

Dear Diary:
A friend and I were walking near Columbus Park in Chinatown when we saw a mother teaching her son alphabet letters from some sidewalk graffiti.

"That's an M, that's a P, yes, that's an E!" she said.

When we walked past, we saw the graffiti: "Impeach Bush".

Yasmeen Ahmed Pattie

If you are as distressed by the killing as those of us who journeyed to DC last week tell Congressman Tim Bishop who from all accounts still does not get it. He thinks that we must stay until the Iraqis can defend themselves against the insurgents. But efforts by the US to build an Iraqi force have so far failed while insurgents have infiltrated Iraqi ranks. The bottom line is that more and more of our troops will die until we convince Congress to put a stop to this war.

If you would like to join a group of East Enders who will take the message to Mr. Bishop contact us at