Pierson High School: Recruiting for the Military?

From a letter to the Sag Harbor Express:

Late last week parents of Pierson High students received a letter from the school containing a form which must be returned by Monday, September 26 in order to have their children's names and contact information witheld from a list which will be sent US military recruiters.

The school is required by law to send student information to the military and also to notify parents of their right to 'opt out' of the process.

The school is not required to add the following questionable information which was contained in the letter:

Student directory information will be used specifically for armed services recruiting purposes and for informing young people of scholarship opportunities. For some of our students, this may be the best opportunuity they have to get a college education."

This information is misleading in two respects.

Firstly, student directory information, if witheld from the military recruiters has no effect on the availablilty of this information to college recruiters. The information sent to parents recently by Southampton Schools makes this clear.

Secondly, college assistance available to veterans is inadequate according to Joseph Galloway, senior military correspondent of Knight Ridder Newspapers.

(See Detroit Free Press March 31, 2005 )

Galloway says new enlistees must agree to have their pay reduced by $100 per month for the first year in order to get 36 months of assistance at about $1,000 per month. Vets must take remedial courses after having been in the military for four years or more. Benefits run out by the time they reach their senior year.