Camp Casey Long Island Day 1

A message from Bill McNulty about Tuesday September 6:

Dear Friends,

What an inspiring day. You have to be there if you can. Almost unanimous support for the "End the War" message. And right in front of two war voting senators. And you know, one of them being groomed to be you president, wants to increase troop numbers by 90,000.

But America, the one made up of the thousands that went to Crawford and the one made up of the thousands who blew their horns and raised their hands in rejection, say no. When you come bring friends. People are out there joining with each other, who have never been out there before. You will feel good, they will feel good and all together we are letting the power structure know they are on the wrong side of issue after issue. And further more we are collectively giving careful thought to what the leaders must do to put this Country back on track.

If you are in the news business let your editors know there is a story in their front yard. If you are connected with anyone at Channel 12 News tell them the same thing.

If you are with a Peace Group bring your Banner. We have tools and will get it on display.

Pax Christi set this in motion with their sponsored trips to Crawford. For that we are grateful. But Cindy lit the fire. We still want to know "what is the noble cause that has taken so many lives".

In the cause of receiving an answer to that question tell these lawmakers to retract their war vote and tell the Country and the world they made a mistake, bring our fighting citizens home now, develop some humility, say you are sorry, we are all sorry, start healing the world, help the people to our south, come out and enjoy the sunshine.

Let's hope it's just as sunny in DC on the 24 th.


Camp Casey Long Island at 135 to 145 Pinelawn Road in Melville continues at least through Friday September 9. More information at 631-751-2097.