Vigil in Water Mill

Wednesday evening, August 17 on Water Mill's Green in Southampton Town over 200 people attended a vigil against the Iraq war.

This was the largest demonstration in years in the area. For most attendees this was their first protest against the Iraq war.

They held candles, sang and listened to speeches. The East End Vets placed flags and grave markers on the Green.

One of the speakers was Dominican Sister Margaret who was in Iraq before the war. She told of hearing from one sister now in Iraq that "under Sadaam they knew when to be afraid and who to be afraid of. Now they must be afraid of everyone all the time."

Sister Margaret said "Our children have given their lives for an unjust, immoral
and illegal war. We need to reach deep into our hearts so that our strong emotions will reach the heart of our president."

The vigil was one of hundreds around the country called in support of Cindy Sheehan, the mother of a soldier killed in Iraq who is camped out next to the Bush ranch in Crawford, Texas.