Long Islanders Join Cindy Sheehan in Texas

Mara Bard of School of the Americas Watch - Long Island sent a plea for support of Long Islanders who are joining Cindy Sheehan's activities in Crawford Texas.

We have updated the information and hope you can join this effort:

"Dear Friends and activists:

Cindy Sheehan is the 'Mother Courage' of our time for those of you that remember Bertold Brecht's play. She is a mother that will do anything for her son. It is for him that she stands up for our children and the children of the world that are being used as cannon fodder. She wants to meet the man that sent her son to death, and she wants to know "what is the noble cause?" that calls for our children to die.

Cindy's tragedy makes us conscious of the many tensions of our present moment. We must support Cindy. She is asking the right question. How many more of our young must die for all of us to stand up besides Cindy. Her struggle is our struggle.

The Long Island School of the Americas Watch supports Cindy Sheehan and wants to be part of this struggle. Bill Mc Nulty the co-Chair of LI SOA Watch is part of a delegation that went to Crawford, organized by Pax Christi Long Island.

You can be part of this. You can go to Crawford. Or you can support those who go."

Adapted from a note by Mara Bard, Co-Chair, School of Americas Watch - Long Island

To help financially or to join the LI group contact

Mara Bard at: marabard@yahoo.com
Sheila Croke at: scroke@verizon.net