June 13-17: Flyer Your High School Week

The Counter Recruiting Committee of the Suffolk Peace Network is Celebrating Flyer Your High School Week

Greetings fellow Counter-recruiters! from June 13-17, Let's Flyer Our Local High Schools!

Go to your local high school with 1 or 2 other people, for about 30 mins to an hour as the students get out. It is a testing week, so make sure you check the bus schedule. We will be developing a flyer that deals with recruiters in the schools, the opt out option and the ASVAB test. Most importanly, for juniors and seniors, information for them regarding mandatory Selective Service registration upon filling out their driver's permit and license application.

Please let us know where you will be flyering during "Flyer Your High School Week". We Need Your Reply!

Call Karen 631-875-8647 or email Matt at Jonnydoe1492@hotmail.com