"Everybody voted for it [the Patriot Act] but it was stupid...."

" ... it was what you call 'emotional voting' ... because we didn't follow it through, we didn't study it. .." Rep. Dan Young (R - Alaska)

The Suffolk Bill of Rights Defense Campaign is working to gain passage of a 'sense' resolution in favor of the Bill of Rights and against the Patriot Act. Congress will soon consider the sections of that act which have 'sunset' provisions. Cities and towns (including New York and Huntington) across the USA have passed resolutions calling for a repeal of what Republican Congressman Don Young of Alaska, called "the worst piece of legislation we've ever passed".

Supporters of the Campaign in Suffolk say that passing a resolution in the Suffolk Legislature will help our representative to oppose the Patriot Act in Congress.

You can help by signing a petition (see below) or contacting your Legislator (Jay Schneiderman - for the South Fork) and saying you favor the resolution which is being submitted by Legislator Vivian Veloria-Fisher of Brookhaven. More info and a downloadable petition will be available at
www.suffolkbordc.org. (NOTE: this web site may be down - but keep trying).

Also more information on the Patriot Act from ACLU is available at:

More info on the Suffolk Campaign: Liz Folz -email: mollydog4@aol.com