There has been a great outpouring of sentiment and offers of help on the east end and across the USA for the victims of the great natural disaster that hit the people of the Indian Ocean rim. This shows the innate humanity of our people. We should all join in this effort.

Now consider this: Why has there been so little compassion and help for the victims of man-made disasters such as wars launched by our government? Why, when 100,000 Iraqis have died since the latest invasion of their country started have we not seen the pictures of the dead and the homes destroyed on network TV and the front pages of the major newspapers?

Perhaps the reason is that we don't want to look at victims of a disaster that we could have prevented. Or perhaps the reason is that these same media who could have told the truth instead told us all the lies put forth by Washington to justify a needless war.

Recently we were asked to help the latest disaster victims - the civilians of Iraq who have been driven from their homes in places such as Fallujah, an entire city destroyed in our futile effort to find 'security'.

The International Federation of the Red Cross and Red Crescent is one organization which is helping internal refugees of our un-holy war.
They can be reached on the internet at Their report back from Iraq relates activities in Fallujah and more.
Other organizations are helping Iraqi victims of the war. Military Families for Peace, Code Pink and Global Exchange told a news conference in Amman that they had sent 600,000 dollars' worth of humanitarian aid to residents of the Iraqi town of Fallujah displaced by last month's massive US-led assault.